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2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 2 May (11).pdf.jpg2016Gynecologic Oncology Characteristics of 10-year survivors of high-grade serous ovarian carcinomaDao, Fanny; Schlappe, Brooke A; Tseng, Jill; Lester, Jenny; Nick, Alpa M; Lutgendorf, Susan K; Mcmeekin, Scott; Coleman, Robert L; Moore, Kathleen N; Karlan, Beth Y; Sood, Anil K; Levine, Douglas A
2016 GO Volume 142 Issue 2 August (18).pdf.jpg2016Gynecologic Oncology Diverting ileostomy during primary debulking surgery for ovarian cancer : Associated factors and postoperative outcomes ☆Tseng, Jill H; Suidan, Rudy S; Zivanovic, Oliver; Gardner, Ginger J; Sonoda, Yukio; Levine, Douglas A; Abu-rustum, Nadeem R; Tew, William P; Chi, Dennis S; Long, Kara
2016 GO Volume 140 Issue 3 March (21).pdf.jpg2016Gynecologic Oncology Neoadjuvant chemotherapy and primary debulking surgery utilization for advanced-stage ovarian cancer at a comprehensive cancer centerMueller, Jennifer J; Zhou, Qin C; Iasonos, Alexia; Cearbhaill, Roisin E O; Alvi, Farah A; El, Amr; Gerda, Ane; Eriksson, Zahl; Gardner, Ginger J; Sonoda, Yukio; Levine, Douglas A; Aghajanian, Carol; Chi, Dennis S; Abu-rustum, Nadeem R; Zivanovic, Oliver
GYNONC 2017 Voluem 145 Issue 1 April (31).pdf.jpg2017Gynecologic Oncology Optimal primary management of bulky stage IIIC ovarian , fallopian tube and peritoneal carcinoma : Are the only options complete gross resection at primary debulking surgery or neoadjuvant chemotherapy ? ☆Sioulas, Vasileios D; Schiavone, Maria B; Kadouri, David; Zivanovic, Oliver; Long, Kara; Cearbhaill, Roisin O; Abu-rustum, Nadeem R; Levine, Douglas A; Sonoda, Yukio; Gardner, Ginger J; Leitao, Mario M; Chi, Dennis S
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (37).pdf.jpg2016The in fl uence of clinical and genetic factors on patient outcome in small cell carcinoma of the ovary , hypercalcemic typeWitkowski, Leora; Goudie, Catherine; Ramos, Pilar; Boshari, Talia; Brunet, Jean-sebastien; Karnezis, Anthony N; Longy, Michel; Knost, James A; Saloustros, Emmanouil; Mccluggage, W Glenn; Stewart, Colin J R; Hendricks, William P D; Cunliffe, Heather; Huntsman, David G; Pautier, Patricia; Levine, Douglas A; Trent, Jeffrey M; Berchuck, Andrew; Hasselblatt, Martin; Foulkes, William D
2016 AJSP Volume 40 Issue 3 March (13).pdf.jpg2016Invasion Patterns of Metastatic Extrauterine High-grade Serous Carcinoma With BRCA Germline Mutation and Correlation With Clinical OutcomesHussein, Yaser R; Ducie, Jennifer A; Arnold, Angela G; Kauff, Noah D; Vargas-alvarez, Hebert A; Sala, Evis; Levine, Douglas A; Soslow, Robert A