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2007An Investigation of the Effects of Lipid-Lowering Medications: Genome-Wide Linkage Analysis of Lipids in the HyperGEN StudyWu, Jun; Province, Michael A; Coon, Hilary; Hunt, Steven C; Eckfeldt, John H; Arnett, Donna K; Heiss, Gerardo; Lewis, Cora E; Ellison, R Curtis; Rao, Dabeeru C; Rice, Treva; Kraja, Aldi T
AJRCCM 2017 Volume 195 Issue 9 May (12).pdf.jpg2017Association between Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Lung Health from Young Adulthood to Middle AgeBenck, Lillian R; Cuttica, Michael J; Colangelo, Laura A; Sidney, Stephen; Drans, Mark T; Mannino, David M; Jacobs, David R; Lewis, Cora E; Zhu, Na; Washko, George R; Liu, Kiang; Carnethon, Mercedes R; Kalhan, Ravi
2018 DiabetesCare Volume 41 Issue 4 April (14).pdf.jpg2018Duration of Diabetes and Prediabetes During Adulthood and Subclinical Atherosclerosis and Cardiac Dysfunction in Middle Age : The CARDIA StudyReis, Jared P; Allen, Norrina B; Bancks, Michael P; Carr, J Jeffrey; Lewis, Cora E; Lima, Joao A
2018 JoCEM Volume 103 Issue 2 February (47).pdf.jpg2018The Effect of Testosterone on Cardiovascular Biomarkers in the Testosterone TrialsLe, A R T I C; Iii, Emile R Mohler; Ellenberg, Susan S; Lewis, Cora E; Wenger, Nanette K; Budoff, Matthew J; Lewis, Michael R; Barrett-connor, Elizabeth; Swerdloff, Ronald S; Stephens-shields, Alisa; Bhasin, Shalender; Cauley, Jane A; Crandall, Jill P; Cunningham, Gle
ARTHANDRHE 2017 Volume 69 Issue 2 February (14).pdf.jpg2017Genome-Wide Association Study of Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis in North American CaucasiansYau, Michelle S; Yerges-armstrong, Laura M; Liu, Youfang; Lewis, Cora E; Duggan, David J; Renner, Jordan B; Torner, James; Felson, David T; Mcculloch, Charles E; Kwoh, C Kent; Nevitt, Michael C; Hochberg, Marc C; Mitchell, Braxton D; Jordan, Joanne M; Jackson, Rebecca D
2016 AJG Volume 111 Issue 5 May (13).pdf.jpg2016Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Is Strongly Associated With Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseAjmera, Veeral H; Gunderson, Erica P; Vanwagner, Lisa B; Lewis, Cora E; Carr, John J; Terrault, Norah A
381.pdf.jpgAug-2015Lactation Duration and Midlife AtherosclerosisGunderson, Erica P; Quesenberry, Charles P; Ning, Xian; Jacobs, David R; Gross, Myron; Goff, David C; Pletcher, Mark J; Lewis, Cora E
Arthritis_Rheumatism 2018 Volume 70 Issue 10 October (16).pdf.jpg2018Leg Length Inequality and Hip Osteoarthritis in the Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study and the Osteoarthritis InitiativeKim, Chan; Nevitt, Michael; Guermazi, Ali; Niu, Jingbo; Clancy, Margaret; Tolstykh, Irina; Jungmann, Pia M; Lane, Nancy E; Segal, Neil A; Harvey, William F; Lewis, Cora E; Felson, David T
ARTHANDRHE 2017 Volume 69 Issue 2 February (2).pdf.jpg2017Multiple Nonspecific Sites of Joint Pain Outside the Knees Develop in Persons With Knee PainFelson, David T; Niu, Jingbo; Quinn, Emily K; Neogi, Tuhina; Lewis, Cara; Lewis, Cora E; Law, Laura Frey; Mcculloch, Chuck; Nevitt, Michael; Lavalley, Michael
JCEM 2017 Volume 102 Issue 1 January (35).pdf.jpg2017No Increase in Fractures After Stopping HormoneLe, A R T I C; Watts, Nelson B; Cauley, Jane A; Jackson, Rebecca D; Lacroix, Andrea Z; Lewis, Cora E; Manson, Joann E; Neuner, Joan M; Phillips, Lawrence S; Stefanick, Marcia L; Wactawski-wende, Jean; Crandall, Carolyn
2017 BMC Volume 17 Issue  Month (158).pdf.jpg2017The Objective Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease Health in Older Women ( OPACH ) StudyLacroix, Andrea Z; Rillamas-sun, Eileen; Buchner, David; Evenson, Kelly R; Di, Chongzhi; Lee, I-min; Marshall, Steve; Lamonte, Michael J; Hunt, Julie; Tinker, Lesley Fels; Stefanick, Marcia; Lewis, Cora E; Bellettiere, John; Herring, Amy H
ARTHANDRHE 2017 Volume 69 Issue 3  March (17).pdf.jpg2017Partial- and Full-Thickness Focal Cartilage Defects Contribute Equally to Development of New Cartilage Damage in Knee Osteoarthritis : The Multicenter Osteoarthritis StudyGuermazi, Ali; Hayashi, Daichi; Roemer, Frank W; Niu, Jingbo; Quinn, Emily K; Crema, Michel D; Nevitt, Michael C; Torner, James; Lewis, Cora E; Felson, David T
2016 OG Volume 127 Issue 6 June (21).pdf.jpg2016Preterm Delivery and Metabolic Syndrome in Women Followed From Prepregnancy Through 25 Years LaterCatov, Janet M; Althouse, Andrew D; Lewis, Cora E; Harville, Emily W; Gunderson, Erica P
2017 JASOE Volume 30 Issue 7 July (4).pdf.jpg2017Reference Ranges and Regional Patterns of Left Ventricular Strain and Strain Rate Using Echocardiography in a Healthy Middle-Aged Black and White Population : The CARDIA StudyMoreira, Henrique T; Nwabuo, Chike C; Armstrong, Anderson C; Kishi, Satoru; Gjesdal, Ola; Reis, Jared P; Schreiner, Pamela J; Liu, Kiang; Lewis, Cora E; Sidney, Stephen; Gidding, Samuel S; Lima, A C
2017 JACC Volume 69 Issue 20 May (10).pdf.jpg2017Reproductive Factors and Incidence of Heart Failure Hospitalization in the Women ’ s Health InitiativeHall, Philip S; Nah, Gregory; Howard, Barbara V; Lewis, Cora E; Allison, Matthew A; Sarto, Gloria E; Waring, Molly E; Jacobson, Lisette T; Manson, Joann E; Ph, D R; Klein, Liviu
2016 SLEEP Volume 39 Issue 9 September (9).pdf.jpg2016Sleep Duration and White Matter Quality in Middle-Aged AdultsYaffe, Kristine; Nasrallah, Ilya; Hoang, Tina D; Lauderdale, Diane S; Knutson, Kristen L; Carnethon, Mercedes R; Launer, Lenore J; Lewis, Cora E; Sidney, Stephen
631.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2015Smoking and mortality--beyond established causesCarter, Brian D; Abnet, Christian C; Feskanich, Diane; Freedman, Neal D; Hartge, Patricia; Lewis, Cora E; Ockene, Judith K; Prentice, Ross L; Speizer, Frank E; Thun, Michael J; Jacobs, Eric J
AJoE 2018 Volume 187 Issue 10 October (12).pdf.jpg2018Ten-Year Changes in Accelerometer-Based Physical Activity and Sedentary Time During Midlife The CARDIA StudyGabriel, Kelley Pettee; Sidney, Stephen; Jacobs, David R; Whitaker, Kara M; Carnethon, R; Lewis, Cora E; Schreiner, Pamela J; Malkani, Raja I; Shikany, James M; Reis, P; Sternfeld, Barbara
2017 AJG Volume 112 Issue 5 May (21).pdf.jpg2017Testosterone Levels in Pre-Menopausal Women are Associated With Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in MidlifeSarkar, Monika; Wellons, Melissa; Cedars, Marcelle I; VanWagner, Lisa; Gunderson, Erica P; Ajmera, Veeral; Torchen, Laura; Siscovick, David; Carr, J Jeffrey; Terry, James G; Rinella, Mary; Lewis, Cora E; Terrault, Norah