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1999A defective RNA associated with bamboo mosaic virus and the possible common mechanisms for RNA recombination in potexvirusesYeh, T-Y; Lin, B-Y; Chang, Y-C; Hsu, Y-H; Lin, N-S
2005Characterization of AFLP sequences from regions of maize B chromosome defined by 12 B-10L translocationsPeng, S-F; Lin, Y-P; Lin, B-Y
1990Characterization of deficiencies generated by r-X1 in maizeLin, B-Y; Marquette, K; Sallee, P
2003Cloning and characterization of maize B chromosome sequences derived from microdissectionCheng, Y-M; Lin, B-Y
1995Complete genomic RNA sequences of cucumber mosaic virus strain NT9 from TaiwanHsu, Y-H; Wu, C-W; Lin, B-Y; Chen, H-Y; Lee, M-F; Tsai, C-H
2006Crucial role of the 5′ conserved structure of Bamboo mosaic virus satellite RNA in downregulation of helper viral RNA replicationHsu, Y-H; Chen, H-C; Cheng, J; Annamali, P; Lin, B-Y; Wu, C-T; Yeh, W-B; Lin, N-S
1990Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis identifies genomic DNA polymorphism with high frequency in maizeRiedel, GE; Swanberg, SL; Kuranda, KD; Marquette, K; LaPan, P; Bledsoe, P; Kennedy, A; Lin, B-Y
2001Dielectric behaviours of multi-doped BaTiO3/epoxy compositesKuo, D-H; Chang, C-C; Su, T-Y; Wang, W-K; Lin, B-Y
2004Dielectric properties of three ceramic/epoxy compositesKuo, D-H; Chang, C-C; Su, T-Y; Wang, W-K; Lin, B-Y
2006Erratum: Crucial role of the 5′ conserved structure of Bamboo Mosaic Virus satellite RNA in downregulation of helper viral RNA replication (Journal of Virology (2006) 80, 5 (2566-2574))Hsu, Y-H; Chen, H-C; Cheng, J; Annamalai, P; Lin, B-Y; Wu, C-T; Yeh, W-B; Lin, N-S
1992High level expression of a chimeric anti-ganglioside GD2 antibody: Genomic kappa sequences improve expression in COS and CHO cellsFouser, LA; Swanberg, SL; Lin, B-Y; Benedict, M; Kelleher, K; Cumming, DA; Riedel, GE
1992IL-12 augments antigen-dependent proliferation of activated T lymphocytesBertagnolli, MM; Lin, B-Y; Young, D; Herrmann, SH
2004Molecular Organization of Large Fragments in the Maize B Chromosome: Indication of a Novel RepeatCheng, Y-M; Lin, B-Y
1994Nucleotide sequence of the genomic RNA of bamboo mosaic potexvirusLin, N-S; Lin, B-Y; Lo, N-W; Hu, C-C; Chow, T-Y; Hsu, Y-H
1997Physical mapping of four RAPDs in the B chromosome of maizeLin, B-Y; Chou, H-P
1997Physical mapping of RFLP markers on four chromosome arms in maize using terminal deficienciesLin, B-Y; Peng, S-F; Chen, Y-J; Chen, H-S; Kao, C-F
2001RFLP mapping of the centromere of chromosomes 1, 6 and 9 by B-A translocations in maizeLin, B-Y; Chang, S-J; Lin, H-M
1998Subgenomic RNAs of bamboo mosaic potexvirus-V isolate are packaged into virionsLee, Y-S; Lin, B-Y; Hsu, Y-H; Chang, B-Y; Lin, N-S
1999Sufficient length of a poly(A) tail for the formation of a potential pseudoknot is required for efficient replication of bamboo mosaic potexvirus RNATsai, C-H; Cheng, C-P; Peng, C-W; Lin, B-Y; Lin, N-S; Hsu, Y-H
1996The open reading frame of bamboo mosaic potexvirus satellite RNA is not essential for its replication and can be replaced with a bacterial geneLin, N-S; Lee, Y-S; Lin, B-Y; Lee, C-W; Hsu, Y-H