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23-Jan-2013A dynamic model of some malaria-transmitting anopheline mosquitoes of the Afrotropical region. I. Model description and sensitivity analysisLunde, Torleif Markussen; Korecha, Diriba; Loha Shumbullo, Eskindir; Sorteberg, Asgeir; Lindtjørn, Bernt
25-Feb-2013A dynamic model of some malaria-transmitting anopheline mosquitoes of the Afrotropical region. II. Validation of species distribution and seasonal variationsLunde, Torleif Markussen; Balkew, Meshesha; Korecha, Diriba; Gebre-Michael, Teshome; Ulesido, Fekadu Massebo; Sorteberg, Asgeir; Lindtjørn, Bernt
13-Jun-2012Abundance and dynamics of anopheline larvae in a highland malarious area of south-central EthiopiaAyele, Abebe Animut; Gebre-Michael, Teshome; Balkew, Meshesha; Lindtjørn, Bernt
30-May-2007Acceptability of HIV counselling and testing among tuberculosis patients in south EthiopiaJerene, Degu; Endale, Aschalew; Lindtjørn, Bernt
7-Apr-2006Antiretroviral therapy at a district hospital in Ethiopia prevents death and tuberculosis in a cohort of HIV patientsJerene, Degu; Næss, Are; Lindtjørn, Bernt
2016 BMCPH Volume 16 Issue 1 (184).pdf.jpg2016Association between malaria and malnutrition among children aged under-five years in Adami Tulu District , south-central Ethiopia : a case – control studyShikur, Bilal; Deressa, Wakgari; Lindtjørn, Bernt
22-Feb-2013Blood meal origins and insecticide susceptibility of Anopheles arabiensis from Chano in South-West EthiopiaUlesido, Fekadu Massebo; Balkew, Meshesha; Gebre-Michael, Teshome; Lindtjørn, Bernt
23-Feb-2013Blood meal sources and entomological inoculation rates of anophelines along a highland altitudinal transect in south-central EthiopiaAyele, Abebe Animut; Balkew, Meshesha; Gebre-Michael, Teshome; Lindtjørn, Bernt
19-Mar-2013Cattle and climate in Africa: How climate variability has influenced national cattle holdings from 1961–2008Lunde, Torleif Markussen; Lindtjørn, Bernt
27-Aug-2014Climate change, crop production and child under nutrition in Ethiopia; a longitudinal panel studyHagos, Seifu; Lunde, Torleif Markussen; Mariam, Damen H.; Woldehanna, Tassew; Lindtjørn, Bernt
22-Sep-2014Combining long-lasting insecticidal nets and indoor residual spraying for malaria prevention in Ethiopia: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trialDeressa, Wakgari; Loha, Eskindir; Balkew, Meshesha; Desalegne, Alemayehu; Gari, Taye; Gebremichael, Teshome; Kenea, Oljira; Jima, Daddi; Robberstad, Bjarne; Overgaard, Hans J.; Lindtjørn, Bernt
17-Feb-2010Cost and cost-effectiveness of treating smear-positive tuberculosis by health extension workers in Ethiopia: an ancillary cost-effectiveness analysis of community randomized trialDatiko, Daniel Gemechu; Lindtjørn, Bernt
13-Apr-2009Cost estimates of HIV care and treatment with and without anti-retroviral therapy at Arba Minch Hospital in southern EthiopiaBikilla, Asfaw Demissie; Jerene, Degu; Robberstad, Bjarne; Lindtjørn, Bernt
17-Jul-2009Cost-effectiveness of anti-retroviral therapy at a district hospital in southern EthiopiaBikilla, Asfaw Demissie; Jerene, Degu; Robberstad, Bjarne; Lindtjørn, Bernt
13-Feb-2007Determinants of Treatment Adherence Among Smear-Positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Southern EthiopiaShargie, Estifanos Biru; Lindtjørn, Bernt
6-Jun-2005DOTS improves treatment outcomes and service coverage for tuberculosis in South Ethiopia: a retrospective trend analysisShargie, Estifanos Biru; Lindtjørn, Bernt
15-Oct-2012Effect of bednets and indoor residual spraying on spatio-temporal clustering of malaria in a village in South Ethiopia: a longitudinal studyLoha, Eskindir; Lindtjørn, Bernt
12-Oct-2012Effect of Bednets and Indoor Residual Spraying on Spatio-Temporal Clustering of Malaria in a Village in South Ethiopia: A Longitudinal StudyLoha Shumbullo, Eskindir; Lunde, Torleif Markussen; Lindtjørn, Bernt
27-Jun-2013Evaluation of CareStart (TM) malaria Pf/Pv combo test for Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax malaria diagnosis in Butajira area, south-central EthiopiaWoyessa, Adugna; Deressa, Wakgari; Ali, Ahmed; Lindtjørn, Bernt
18-Jan-2013Freely distributed bed-net use among Chano Mille residents, south Ethiopia: a longitudinal studyLoha Shumbullo, Eskindir; Tefera, Kebede; Lindtjørn, Bernt