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2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 20 May (5).pdf.jpg2016The ABC ( age , biomarkers , clinical history ) stroke risk score : a biomarker-based risk score for predicting stroke in atrial fibrillationAlexander, John H; Hanna, Michael; Held, Claes; Hijazi, Ziad; Lindba, Johan; Hylek, Elaine M; Lopes, Renato D; Oldgren, Jonas; Siegbahn, Agneta; Stewart, Ralph A H; White, Harvey D; Granger, Christopher B; Wallentin, Lars; Investigators, Stability
2017 Lancet Volume 390 Issue 10104 October (11).pdf.jpg2017Articles A multifaceted intervention to improve treatment with oral anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation ( IMPACT-AF ): an international , cluster-randomised trialVinereanu, Dragos; Lopes, Renato D; Bahit, M Cecilia; Xavier, Denis; Jiang, Jie; Al-khalidi, Hussein R; He, Wensheng; Xian, Ying; Ciobanu, Andrea O
2018 EHJ Volume 39 Issue 6 February (5).pdf.jpg2018Atrial fibrillation A biomarker-based risk score to predict death in patients with atrial fibrillation : the ABC ( age , biomarkers , clinical history ) death risk scoreHijazi, Ziad; Oldgren, Jonas; Lindba, Johan; Alexander, John H; Connolly, Stuart J; Eikelboom, John W; Ezekowitz, Michael D; Held, Claes; Hylek, Elaine M; Lopes, Renato D; Yusuf, Salim; Granger, Christopher B; Siegbahn, Agneta; Wallentin, Lars
1264.full.pdf.jpg21-May-2015Clinical outcomes and management associated with major bleeding in patients with atrial fibrillation treated with apixaban or warfarin: insights from the ARISTOTLE trialHeld, Claes; Hylek, Elaine M; Alexander, John H; Hanna, Michael; Lopes, Renato D; Wojdyla, Daniel M; Thomas, Laine; Al-Khalidi, Hussein; Alings, Marco; Xavier, Dennis; Ansell, Jack; Goto, Shinya; Ruzyllo, Witold; Rosenqvist, Mårten; Verheugt, Freek W A; Zhu, Jun; Granger, Christopher B; Wallentin, Lars
3268.full.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2015Clinical outcomes in patients with atrial fibrillation according to sex during anticoagulation with apixaban or warfarin: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trialVinereanu, Dragos; Stevens, Susanna R; Alexander, John H; Al-Khatib, Sana M; Avezum, Alvaro; Bahit, Marıa Cecilia; Granger, Christopher B; Lopes, Renato D; Halvorsen, Sigrun; Hanna, Michael; Husted, Steen; Hylek, Elaine M; Mărgulescu, Andrei D; Wallentin, Lars; Atar, Dan
2016 AJC Volume 117 Issue 5 March (31).pdf.jpg2016Coronary Artery DiseaseRajpurohit, Naveen; Gulati, Rajiv; Lennon, Ryan J; Singh, Mandeep; Rihal, Charanjit S; Santrach, Paula J; Donato, Leslie J; Karon, Brad S; Del-carpio, Freddy; Tak, Tahir; Motiei, Arashk; Lopes, Renato D; Liang, Jackson J; Fender, Erin A; Cha, Yong-mei; Lennon, Ryan J; Pr
582.pdf.jpgJun-2015Cumulative incidence of death and rehospitalization among the elderly in the first year after NSTEMILopes, Renato D; Gharacholou, S Michael; Holmes, DaJuanicia N; Thomas, Laine; Wang, Tracy Y; Roe, Matthew T; Peterson, Eric D; Alexander, Karen P
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 12 December (29).pdf.jpg2016Effect of Sitagliptin on Kidney Function and Respective Cardiovascular Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes : Outcomes From TECOSCornel, Jan H; Bakris, George L; Stevens, Susanna R; Alvarsson, Michael; Bax, Willem A; Chuang, Lee-ming; Engel, Samuel S; Lopes, Renato D; Mcguire, Darren K; Rief, Axel; Rodbard, Helena Wachslicht
125.pdf.jpgJan-2015Integrating electronic health records in the delivery of optimized anticoagulation therapyNutescu, Edith A; Wittkowsky, Ann K; Witt, Daniel M; Kaatz, Scott; Ansell, Jack; Burnett, Allison; Garcia, David; Lopes, Renato D; Oertel, Lynn; Schnurr, Terri; Streiff, Michael; Wirth, Diane; Crowther, Mark
2017 BJH Volume 129 Issue 22 June (6).pdf.jpg2017Intracranial hemorrhage in patients with atrial fi brillation receiving anticoagulation therapyKolls, Bradley J; Wojdyla, Daniel M; Bushnell, Cheryl D; Lopes, Renato D; Guimara, O; Hanna, Michael; Easton, J Donald; Thomas, Laine; Wallentin, Lars; Al-khatib, Sana M; Held, Claes; Gabriel, Pedro; Barros, Melo De; Alexander, John H; Granger, Christopher B; Diener, Ha
2017 AJoM Volume 130 Issue 10 October (7).pdf.jpg2017Obesity , Diabetes , and Acute Coronary Syndrome : Differences Between Asians and WhitesKoshizaka, Masaya; Lopes, Renato D; Newby, L Kristin; Clare, Robert M; Harrington, Robert A; Alexander, John H
2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 38 October (12).pdf.jpg2016The ‘ obesity paradox ’ in atrial fibrillation : observations from the ARISTOTLE ( Apixaban for Reduction in Stroke and Other Thromboembolic Events in Atrial Fibrillation ) trialSandhu, Roopinder K; Ezekowitz, Justin; Andersson, Ulrika; Alexander, John H; Granger, Christopher B; Halvorsen, Sigrun; Hanna, Michael; Hijazi, Ziad; Jansky, Petr; Lopes, Renato D; Wallentin, Lars
2018 EHJ Volume 39 Issue 6 February (7).pdf.jpg2018Oral anticoagulation : a step toward solving the puzzle of dementia related to atrial fibrillation ?Sposato, Luciano A; Lopes, Renato D
2016 AJC Volume 117 Issue 5 March (5).pdf.jpg2016Relation of Activated Clotting Times During Percutaneous Coronary Intervention to OutcomesRajpurohit, Naveen; Gulati, Rajiv; Lennon, Ryan J; Singh, Mandeep; Rihal, Charanjit S; Santrach, Paula J; Donato, Leslie J; Karon, Brad S; Del-carpio, Freddy; Tak, Tahir; Motiei, Arashk; Lopes, Renato D; Gharacholou, Shahyar Michael
EHJ 2018 Volume 39 Issue 32 August (6).pdf.jpg2018Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation : re-defining ‘ real-world data ’ within the broader data universeFanaroff, Alexander C; Steffel, Jan; Alexander, John H; Lip, Gregory Y H; Califf, Robert M; Lopes, Renato D
1640.full.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2015The detection and treatment of subclinical atrial fibrillation: evaluating the IMPACT of a comprehensive strategy based on remote arrhythmia monitoringHealey, Jeff S; Lopes, Renato D; Connolly, Stuart J
2016 AJM Volume 129 Issue 6 June (23).pdf.jpg2016Triple vs Dual Antithrombotic Therapy in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and Coronary Artery DiseaseLopes, Renato D; Rao, Meena; Simon, Dajuanicia N; Thomas, Laine; Ansell, Jack; Piccini, Jonathan P; Singer, Daniel E; Chang, Paul; Peterson, Eric D; Mahaffey, Kenneth W
297.pdf.jpgMar-2015Venous thromboembolism and cardiovascular risk: results from the NAVIGATOR trialKatz, Marcelo; Califf, Robert M; Sun, Jie-Lena; McMurray, John J V; Thomas, Laine; Lopes, Renato D