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2007Binding Parameters and Thermodynamics of the Interaction of the Human Cytomegalovirus DNA Polymerase Accessory Protein, UL44, with DNA: Implications for the Processivity MechanismLoregian, Arianna; Sinigalia, Elisa; Mercorelli, Beatrice; Palù, Giorgio; Coen, Donald Mark
2016 JMC Volume 59 Issue 6 March (28).pdf.jpg2016Diphenylpyridines as Promising Novel Anti-In fl uenza Agents Targeting the PA − PB1 Protein − Protein Interaction: Structure − Activity Relationships Exploration with the Aid of Molecular ModelingTrist, Iuni M L; Nannetti, Giulio; Tintori, Cristina; Fallacara, Anna Lucia; Deodato, Davide; Mercorelli, Beatrice; Palu, Giorgio; Wijtmans, Maikel; Gospodova, Tzveta; Edink, Ewald; Verheij, Mark; Esch, Iwan De; Viteva, Lilia; Loregian, Arianna; Botta, Maurizio
2016 JCR Volume 236 August (3).pdf.jpg2016A site-selective hyaluronan-interferon α 2a conjugate for the treatment of ovarian cancerMonia, Isabella; Merlo, Anna; Carpanese, Debora; Dalla, Anna; Mero, Anna; Grigoletto, Antonella; Loregian, Arianna; Renier, Davide; Campisi, Monica; Zanovello, Paola; Pasut, Gianfranco; Rosato, Antonio
2018 JoMC Volume 61 Issue 22 November (9).pdf.jpg2018Structure-Based Optimization of N-Substituted Oseltamivir Derivatives as Potent Anti-Influenza A Virus Agents with Significantly Improved Potency against Oseltamivir-Resistant N1-H274Y VariantZhang, Jian; Murugan, Natarajan Arul; Tian, Ye; Bertagnin, Chiara; Fang, Zengjun; Kang, Dongwei; Kong, Xiujie; Jia, Haiyong; Sun, Zhuosen; Jia, Ruifang; Gao, Ping; Poongavanam, Vasanthanathan; Loregian, Arianna; Xu, Wenfang; Ma, Xiuli; Ding, Xiao; Huang, Bing; Zhan, Peng