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553.pdf.jpgMar-2015Acquiring Kupffer cells in mice using a MACS-based methodZhang, C; Lu, Y; Zhou, H; Lu, H; Qian, X; Liu, X; Wang, X; Ding, Z; Zhang, F; Lu, L
2000Alteration in the expression of bone morphogenetic protein-2,3,4,5 mRNA during pathogenesis of cleft palate in BALB/c miceLu, H; Jin, Y; Tipoe, GL
2001Alteration of Apoptosis in Cleft Palate Formation and Ectomesenchymal Stem Cells Influenced by Retinoic AcidSuwa, F; Jin, Y; Lu, H; Xin, LI; Tipoe, GL; Lau, TYH; Tamada, Y; Kuroki, K; Fang, YR
2000Analysis of the expression of BMP-2,3,4,5 in nerve sheath tumors of maxillofacial regionJin, Y; Lu, H; Tipoe, GL; Li, Y
2017 BJoA Volume 119 Issue 3 September (21).pdf.jpg2017Coenzyme Q 10 reduces sevoflurane-induced cognitive deficiency in young miceXu, G; Lu, H; Dong, Y; Shapoval, D; Soriano, S G; Liu, X; Zhang, Y; Xie, Z
2016 TP Volume 48 Issue 4 May (1).pdf.jpg2016Computed Tomography as Primary Screening for Appraisal of Pulmonary Small Nodules in Liver Transplant CandidatesWu, Y; Lin, C; Chang, Y; Wang, S; Lin, Y; Lu, H; Concejero, A M; Chen, C; Lin, T
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 8 June (15).pdf.jpg2016Genetic diversity of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Beijing family based on multiple genotyping pro fi lesLiu, Y; Wang, S; Lu, H; Chen, W
2016 GE Volume 84 Issue 6 December (2).pdf.jpg2016Status evaluation report 885Minot, D M; Tu, Z J; Henry, M R; Vasmatzis, G; Cheville, J C; Lazaridis, K N; Levy, M J; Diehl, N N; Raimondo, M; Wallace, M B; Woodward, T A; Wang, Z; Lu, H; Wu, L; Yuan, B; Liu, J; Shi, H
2000The quantitative analysis of cyclin D1 expression in RA-treated and non-RA-treated ectomesenchymal cells in vitroTipoe, GL; Lu, H; Jin, Y