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2010Borrelia burgdorferi Stimulation of Chemokine Secretion by Cells of Monocyte Lineage in Patients with Lyme ArthritisShin, Junghee J; Glickstein, Lisa J; Strle, Klemen; Luster, Andrew David; Steere, Allen Caruthers
2006CCR5 Is Essential for NK Cell Trafficking and Host Survival following Toxoplasma gondii InfectionKhan, Imtiaz A; Thomas, Seddon Y; Moretto, Magali M; Combe, Crescent; Schwartzman, Joseph D; Lee, Frederick S; Islam, Sabina A.; Luster, Andrew David
1999Differential expression of three T lymphocyte-activating CXC chemokines by human atheroma-associated cellsMach, François; Sauty, Alain; Iarossi, Albert S.; Sukhova, Galina K.; Neote, Kuldeep; Libby, Peter; Luster, Andrew David
2009Evolutionarily Conserved Recognition and Innate Immunity to Fungal Pathogens by the Scavenger Receptors SCARF1 and CD36Tampakakis, Emmanouil; Puckett, Lindsay; Tai, Melissa F.; Stewart, Cameron R.; Hickman, Suzanne E.; Moore, Kathryn J.; El Khoury, Joseph; Means, Terry K.; Mylonakis, Eleftherios; Colvin, Richard Anthony; Seung, Edward N.; Pukkila-Worley, Read; Calderwood, Stephen Beaven; Hacohen, Nir; Luster, Andrew David
2012HIV-infected T cells are migratory vehicles for viral disseminationMurooka, Thomas; Deruaz, Maud; Marangoni, Francesco; Vrbanac, Vladimir D.; Seung, Edward N.; Von Andrian, Ulrich H.; Tager, Andrew Martin; Luster, Andrew David; Mempel, Thorsten Roman
2013IL-23 Induces Atopic Dermatitis-Like Inflammation Instead of Psoriasis-Like Inflammation in CCR2-Deficient MiceBromley, Shannon; Larson, Ryan P.; Ziegler, Steven F.; Luster, Andrew David
2012Leukotriene B4-Driven Neutrophil Recruitment to the Skin Is Essential for Allergic Skin InflammationOyoshi, Michiko K.; He, Rui; Li, Yitang; Mondal, Subhanjan; Yoon, Juhan; Afshar, Roshi; Chen, Mei; Lee, David M.; Luo, Hongbo; Luster, Andrew David; Cho, John S.; Miller, Lloyd S.; Larson, Allison; Murphy, George Francis; Geha, Raif Salim
2012Neutralizing Anti-HIV Antibodies Develop in a Humanized Mouse Model of HIV-1 InfectionVrbanac, V; Tivey, T; Cariappa, A; Seung, Edward N.; Dugast, Anne-Sophie; Dudek, Timothy E; Mattoo, Hamid Rasheed; Murooka, Thomas; Pillai, Shiv Subramaniam; Tager, Andrew Martin; Luster, Andrew David
2011Novel approach to inhibiting chemokine functionLing, Morris; Luster, Andrew David
2012The Humanized BLT Mouse to Study HIV TransmissionVrbanac, VD; Tivet, T; Bankert, KC; Deruaz, Maud; Murooka, Thomas; Dudek, Timothy E; Allen, Todd; Tager, Andrew Martin; Luster, Andrew David