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1275.pdf.jpgMay-2015Endoscopic management with over-the-scope clips for intestinal bleeding of Behçet's diseaseNishiyama, Noriko; Mori, Hirohito; Kobara, Hideki; Rafiq, Kazi; Fujihara, Shintaro; Ayaki, Maki; Yachida, Tatsuo; Goda, Yasuhiro; Morishita, Asahiro; Masaki, Tsutomu
2016 GE Volume 84 Issue 1 July (27).pdf.jpg2016Innovative pure non-exposed endoscopic full-thickness resection using an endoscopic suturing device Submucosal tunneling and en bloc endoscopic resection facilitates laparoscopic transgastric removal of a large GI stromal tumor at the esophagogastric juncMori, Hirohito; Kobara, Hideki; Fujihara, Shintaro; Nishiyama, Noriko; Ayaki, Maki; Chiyo, Taiga; Kobayashi, Nobuya; Yachida, Tatsuo; Masaki, Tsutomu
2016 GE Volume 84 Issue 4 October (20).pdf.jpg2016Novel and effective countertraction using a ring-shaped thread for safer gastric and colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection Transhepatic tract for visualization of the remnant stomach after Roux-en-Y gastric bypassMori, Hirohito; Ms, Asadur Rahman; Kobara, Hideki; Fujihara, Shintaro; Nishiyama, Noriko; Masaki, Tsutomu
749.pdf.jpgOct-2015Safer endoscopic submucosal dissection for duodenal cancer with sufficient bulging by preclipping methodMori, Hirohito; Kobara, Hideki; Nishiyama, Noriko; Fujihara, Shintaro; Ayaki, Maki; Ikeda, Yoshitaka; Masaki, Tsutomu
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 1 January (7).pdf.jpg2016The use of a detachable multiple polyp catcher to facilitate accurate location and pathological diagnosis of resected polyps in the proximal colonMori, Hirohito; Nishiyama, Noriko; Kobara, Hideki; Fujihara, Shintaro; Kobayashi, Nobuya; Nagase, Takashi; Kobayashi, Seiki; Ikeda, Yoshitaka; Masaki, Tsutomu