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2007A general approach to the synthesis of substituted isoxazolo[4,3-c]quinolines via chalconesMadapa, Sudharshan; Sridhar, Divya; Yadav, G P; Maulik, P R; Batra, Sanjay
2007C-3 Alkyl /Arylalkyl-2,3-dideoxy hex-2-enopyranosides as Antitubercular Agents: Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and QSAR StudySaquib, Mohammad; Gupta, M K; Sagar, Ram; Prabhakar, Y S; Shaw, A K; Kumar, Rishi; Maulik, P R; Gaikwad, Anil; Sinha, Sudhir; Srivastava, A K; Chaturvedi, Vinita; Srivastava, Ranjana; Srivastava, B S
2007Efficient Synthesis of Glycosyl Enaminoesters Directly from Glycosyl AzidesKumar, Rishi; Maulik, P R; Misra, A K
2007Highly Efficient Non-palladium Catalyzed Controlled Synthesis and X-ray Analysis of Functionalized 1,2-Diaryl-, 1,2,3-Triaryl- and 1,2,3,4-TetraarylbenzeneGoel, Atul; Singh, F V; Dixit, Manish; Verma, Deepti; Raghunandan, Resmi; Maulik, P R
2006Interesting results of catalytic hydrogenation of 3-(2-nitrophenyl)-isoxazoles and 3-(nitro-substituted-phenyl)-2-isoxazolinesSingh, Vijay; Madapa, Sudharshan; Yadav, G P; Maulik, P R; Batra, Sanjay
2006Neighboring group effect: DBU-promoted ring transformation of substituted isoxazoles to substituted pyrrolesRoy, A K; Pathak, Richa; Yadav, G P; Maulik, P R; Batra, Sanjay
2011One pot protecting group free synthesis of multifunctional biphenyl methyl-C-β-d-glycosides in aqueous mediumMisra, Mridul; Sharma, Rahul; Kant, Ruchir; Maulik, P R; Tripathi, R P
2007One-pot Regioselective Synthesis of Nature Mimicking Dihydronaphthofurans and DibenzofuransDixit, Manish; Raghunandan, Resmi; Kumar, Brijesh; Maulik, P R; Goel, Atul
2011Partially Hydrogenated 7-Oxa [5] helicenes and [5]Helicenesâ Synthesis, Structures, and Dynamics[#]Goel, Atul; Verma, Deepti; Pratap, Ramendra; Taneja, Gaurav; Hemberger, Yasmin; Knauer, Michael; Raghunandan, Resmi; Maulik, P R; Ram, Vishnu Ji; Bringmann, Gerhard
2013Regioselective synthesis of densely functionalized, enantiopure, sugar-pyrazole hybrids as potential scaffolds for drug discoverySaquib, Mohammad; Husain, Irfan; Kant, Ruchir; Meena, Sanjeev; Gauniyal, H M; Sinha, Sudhir; Maulik, P R; Shaw, A K
2009Reusable resin Amberlyst 15 catalyzed new convenient protocol for accessing arylated benzene scaffoldsKumar, Amit; Dixit, Manish; Singh, S P; Raghunandan, Resmi; Maulik, P R; Goel, Atul
2012Role of Arene Interactions and Substituents Effect in Conformational (syn/anti) Control of 1,2-Diarylethanes†‡Avasthi, Kamlakar; Kumar, Amar; Aswal, Sangeeta; Kant, Ruchir; Raghunandan, Resmi; Maulik, P R; Khanna, R S; Ravikumar, Krishnan
2007Sodium hydride-mediated cascade reaction towards the synthesis of 1,5-disubstituted uracil from cyanamides derived from the Baylis-Hillman ad-ductsNag, Somnath; Yadav, G P; Maulik, P R; Batra, Sanjay
2006Studies toward the construction of substituted piperidine-2-ones and pyridine-2-ones from Baylis-Hillman adducts: Discovery of a facile synthesis of 5-methyl-4-oxo-6-aryl-3-aza-bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-1-carboxylatesSingh, Vijay; Yadav, G P; Maulik, P R; Batra, Sanjay
2008Synthesis of 2-sulfanyl-6-methyl-1,4-dihydropyrimidines as a new class of antifilarial agentsSingh, B K; Mishra, Mridul; Saxena, Nisha; Yadav, G P; Maulik, P R; Sahoo, M K; Gaur, R L; Murthy, P K; Tripathi, R P
2009Unprecedented ‘Bridged Annulation’ Approach to the Construction of 5,6-Dihydro-4H-benzo[kl]acridinesGoel, Atul; Singh, S P; Kumar, Amit; Kant, Ruchir; Maulik, P R
2008Vapor-Phase Processable Novel Nonplanar Donor-Acceptor Quateraryls for Blue-OLEDsGoel, Atul; Dixit, Manish; Chaurasia, Sumit; Kumar, Amit; Raghunandan, Resmi; Maulik, P R; Anand, R S