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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 JTCS Volume 152 Issue 3 September (67).pdf.jpg2016Aortic arch anomalies in PHACE syndrome : An individualized approach to an unusual problemMery, Carlos M
2017 JTCS Volume 154 Issue 3 September (114).pdf.jpg2017Cerebral autoregulation : Making sense of the nonsensicalBrady, Ken M; Mery, Carlos M
2017 ATS Volume 103 Issue 2 February (45).pdf.jpg2017Completeness and Accuracy of Local Clinical Registry Data for Children Undergoing Heart SurgeryNathan, Meena; Jacobs, Marshall L; Gaynor, J William; Newburger, Jane W; Masterson, Carolyn Dunbar; Lambert, Linda M; Hollenbeck-pringle, Danielle; Trachtenberg, Felicia L; White, Owen; Anderson, Brett R; Bell, Margaret C; Burch, Phillip T; Graham, Eric M; Kaltman, Jonathan R; Kanter, Kirk R; Mery, Carlos M; Pizarro, Christian; Schamberger, Marcus S; Taylor, Michael D; Jacobs, Jeffrey P; Pasquali, Sara K; Heart, Pediatric
2017 JTCS Volume 154 Issue 2 August (90).pdf.jpg2017Dead or alive : The elusive quest for long-term follow-upMery, Carlos M
2017 ATS Volume 104 Issue 5 November (32).pdf.jpg2017Effect of Gastrointestinal Malformations on the Outcomes of Patients With Congenital Heart DiseaseMery, Carlos M; Le, Luis E De; Nieto, R Michael; Zhang, Wei; Adachi, Iki; Heinle, Jeffrey S; Kane, Lauren C; Mckenzie, E Dean; Fraser, Charles D
JTCS 2017 Volume 153 Issue 1 January (3).pdf.jpg2017The hybrid procedure for hypoplastic left heart syndrome : A procedure still looking for its placeMery, Carlos M
2016 JTCS Volume 151 Issue 2 February (64).pdf.jpg2016Risk factors for development of endocarditis and reintervention in patients undergoing right ventricle to pulmonary artery valved conduit placementMery, Carlos M; Guzm, Francisco A; Le, Luis E De; Zhang, Wei; Terwelp, Matthew D; Bocchini, Claire E; Adachi, Iki; Heinle, Jeffrey S; Mckenzie, E Dean; Fraser, Charles D