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23-Apr-2007Associations between sexual behaviour change in young people and decline in HIV prevalence in ZambiaSandøy, Ingvild Fossgard; Michelo, Charles Cheembo; Siziya, Seter; Fylkesnes, Knut
26-Nov-2012Condom availability in high risk places and condom use: a study at district level in Kenya, Tanzania and ZambiaSandøy, Ingvild Fossgard; Blystad, Astrid; Shayo, Elizabeth H.; Makundi, Emmanuel; Michelo, Charles Cheembo; Zulu, Joseph; Byskov, Jens
4-Apr-2012Decline in HIV Prevalence among Young Women in Zambia: National-Level Estimates of Trends Mask Geographical and Socio-Demographic DifferencesKayeyi, Nkomba; Fylkesnes, Knut; Michelo, Charles Cheembo; Makasa, Mpundu; Sandøy, Ingvild Fossgard
4-Jul-2014Factors associated with health facility childbirth in districts of Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia: a population based surveyPhiri, Selia Ng’anjo; Kiserud, Torvid; Kvåle, Gunnar; Byskov, Jens; Evjen-Olsen, Bjørg; Michelo, Charles Cheembo; Echoka, Elizabeth; Fylkesnes, Knut
17-Jun-2010Home-based voluntary HIV counselling and testing found highly acceptable and to reduce inequalitiesMutale, Wilbroad; Michelo, Charles Cheembo; Jürgensen, Marte; Fylkesnes, Knut
10-Nov-2006Steep HIV prevalence declines among young people in selected Zambian communities : population-based observations (1995–2003)Michelo, Charles Cheembo; Sandøy, Ingvild Fossgard; Dzekedzeke, Kumbutso; Siziya, Seter; Fylkesnes, Knut
5-Jan-2012Targeting condom distribution at high risk places increases condom utilization-evidence from an intervention study in Livingstone, ZambiaSandøy, Ingvild Fossgard; Zyaambo, Cosmas; Michelo, Charles Cheembo; Fylkesnes, Knut
2-Feb-2007Trends and determinants of HIV prevalence in Zambia : evidence from surveys in selected communitiesMichelo, Charles Cheembo