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2017 Obtetrics_Gynecology Volume 130 Issue 1 July (24).pdf.jpg2017Associations of Parity , Breastfeeding , and Fractures in the Women ’ s Health Observational StudyCrandall, Carolyn J; Liu, Jingmin; Cauley, Jane; Newcomb, Polly A; Manson, Joann E; Vitolins, Mara Z; Jacobson, Lisette T; Rykman, Kelli K; Stefanick, Marcia L
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 12 April (6).pdf.jpg2016Cigarette Smoking Before and After Breast Cancer Diagnosis : Mortality From Breast Cancer and Smoking-Related DiseasesPassarelli, Michael N; Newcomb, Polly A; Hampton, John M; Trentham-dietz, Amy; Titus, Linda J; Egan, Kathleen M; Baron, John A; Willett, Walter C
2016 AJE Volume 183 Issue 9 May (1).pdf.jpg2016Original Contribution Urinary Cadmium and Risk of Invasive Breast Cancer in the Women ’ s Health InitiativeAdams, Scott V; Shafer, Martin M; Bonner, Matthew R; Lacroix, Andrea Z; Manson, Joann E; Meliker, Jaymie R; Neuhouser, Marian L; Newcomb, Polly A
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 9 March (1).pdf.jpg2016Racial Patterns of Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Incidence and Survival in the United StatesAdams, Scott V; Newcomb, Polly A; Shustov, Andrei R
2016 AJE Volume 183 Issue 8 April (15).pdf.jpg2016Systematic Reviews and Meta- and Pooled Analyses Blood Lipid Concentrations and Colorectal Adenomas : A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Colonoscopy Studies in Asia , 2000 – 2014Passarelli, Michael N; Newcomb, Polly A
2017 JCLIONC Volume 35 Issue 24 August (14).pdf.jpg2017Timing of Aspirin and Other Nonsteroidal Anti- In fl ammatory Drug Use Among Patients With Colorectal Cancer in Relation to Tumor Markers and SurvivalHua, Xinwei; Phipps, Amanda I; Burnett-hartman, Andrea N; Adams, Scott V; Hardikar, Sheetal; Cohen, Stacey A; Kocarnik, Jonathan M; Ahnen, Dennis J; Lindor, Noralane M; Baron, John A; Newcomb, Polly A
2016 JCO Volume 34 Issue 12 April (26).pdf.jpg2016Trends in Health-Related Quality of Life After a Diagnosis of Ductal Carcinoma In SituHart, Vicki; Sprague, Brian L; Lakoski, Susan G; Hampton, John M; Newcomb, Polly A; Gangnon, Ronald E; Trentham-dietz, Amy
956.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2015Variation in Breast Cancer-Risk Factor Associations by Method of Detection: Results From a Series of Case-Control StudiesSprague, Brian L; Gangnon, Ronald E; Hampton, John M; Egan, Kathleen M; Titus, Linda J; Kerlikowske, Karla; Remington, Patrick L; Newcomb, Polly A; Trentham-Dietz, Amy