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2018 EHJ Volume 39 Issue 43 November (5).pdf.jpg2018Comparing biomarker profiles of patients with heart failure : atrial fibrillation vs . sinus rhythm and reduced vs . preserved ejection fractionSantema, Bernadet T; Gelder, Isabelle C Van; Mordi, Ify; Lang, Chim C; Lam, Carolyn S P; Anker, Stefan D; Cleland, John G; Dickstein, Kenneth; Filippatos, Gerasimos; Harst, Pim Van Der; Hillege, Hans L; Maaten, Jozine M Ter; Metra, Marco; Ng, Leong L; Ponikowski, Piotr
2011Gender Differences in Left Ventricular Geometry and Determinants of Myocardial Perfusion Reserve in Patients with Severe Aortic StenosisSteadman, Christopher D; Grundy, Benjamin; Rafelt, Suzanne; Ng, Leong L; Squire, Iain B; Samani, Nilesh J; McCann, Gerry P; Jerosch-Herold, Michael
2017 JACCARD Volume 70 Issue 17 October (7).pdf.jpg2017The PCSK9-LDL Receptor Axis and Outcomes in Heart FailureBayes-genis, Antoni; Zannad, Faiez; Anker, Stefan D; Cleland, John G; Dickstein, Kenneth; Filippatos, Gerasimos; Lang, Chim C; Ng, Leong L; Ponikowski, Piotr; Samani, Nilesh J; Veldhuisen, Dirk J Van; Zwinderman, Aeilko H; Metra, Marco; Voors, Adriaan A
2017 JACC Volume 69 Issue 1 January (9).pdf.jpg2017Proenkephalin, Renal Dysfunction, and Prognosis in Patients With Acute Heart FailureNg, Leong L; Squire, Iain B; Jones, Donald J L; Cao, Thong Huy; Chan, Daniel C S; Sandhu, Jatinderpal K; Quinn, Paulene A; Davies, Joan E; Struck, Joachim; Hartmann, Oliver; Bergmann, Andreas; Mebazaa, Alexandre; Gayat, Etienne; Arrigo, Mattia; Akiyama, Eiichi; Sabti, Z
986.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Prognostic significance of adrenomedullin in patients with heart failure and with myocardial infarctionYuyun, Matthew F; Narayan, Hafid K; Ng, Leong L