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2016 JAMIA Volume 23 Issue 6 November (11).pdf.jpg2016Automated pictographic illustration of discharge instructions with Glyph : impact on patient recall and satisfactionHill, Brent; Perri-moore, Seneca; Kuang, Jinqiu; Bray, Bruce E; Ngo, Long; Doig, Alexa; Zeng-treitler, Qing
2017 MRI Volume 46 Issue 6 December (3).pdf.jpg2017Clinical performance of high-resolution late gadolinium enhancement imaging with compressed sensingBasha, Tamer a.; Akçakaya, Mehmet; Liew, Charlene; Tsao, Connie W.; Delling, Francesca N.; Addae, Gifty; Ngo, Long; Manning, Warren J.; Nezafat, Reza
2017 Chest Volume 152 Issue 1 July (15).pdf.jpg2017Endothelial Permeability and Hemostasis in Septic Shock Results From the ProCESS TrialHou, Peter C; Filbin, Michael R; Wang, Henry; Ngo, Long; Huang, David T; Aird, William C; Yealy, Donald M; Angus, Derek C; Kellum, John A
2014Kawasaki disease patients homozygous for the rs12252-C variant of interferon-induced transmembrane protein-3 are significantly more likely to develop coronary artery lesionsBowles, Neil E; Arrington, Cammon B; Hirono, Keiichi; Nakamura, Tsuneyuki; Ngo, Long; Wee, Yin Shen; Ichida, Fukiko; Weis, John H
2016 JAMIA Volume 23 Issue 5 September (14).pdf.jpg2016Patients learning to read their doctors ’ notes : the importance of remindersMafi, John N; Mejilla, Roanne; Feldman, Henry; Ngo, Long; Delbanco, Tom; Darer, Jonathan; Wee, Christina; Walker, Jan
2013Scar heterogeneity on cardiovascular magnetic resonance as a predictor of appropriate implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapyRayatzadeh, Hussein; Tan, Alex; Chan, Raymond H; Patel, Shalin J; Hauser, Thomas H; Ngo, Long; Shaw, Jaime L; Hong, Susie N; Zimetbaum, Peter; Buxton, Alfred E; Josephson, Mark E; Manning, Warren J; Nezafat, Reza