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763.pdf.jpgMay-2015Cancer incidence among US Medicare ESRD patients receiving hemodialysis, 1996-2009Butler, Anne M; Olshan, Andrew F; Kshirsagar, Abhijit V; Edwards, Jessie K; Nielsen, Matthew E; Wheeler, Stephanie B; Brookhart, M Alan
AJCNWSUP 2017 Volume 105 Issue 6 June (41).pdf.jpg2017Demographic, lifestyle, and genetic determinants of circulating concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and vitamin D–binding protein in African American and European American womenYao, Song; Hong, Chi-chen; Bandera, Elisa V; Zhu, Qianqian; Liu, Song; Cheng, Ting-yuan David; Zirpoli, Gary; Haddad, Stephen a; Lunetta, Kathryn L; Ruiz-Narvaez, Edward a; McCann, Susan E; Troester, Melissa a; Rosenberg, Lynn; Palmer, Julie R; Olshan, Andrew F; Ambrosone, Christine B
JoCO 2018 Volume 36 Issue 17 June (9).pdf.jpg2018Financial Impact of Breast Cancer in Black Versus White WomenWheeler, Stephanie B; Spencer, Jennifer C; Pinheiro, Laura C; Carey, Lisa A; Olshan, Andrew F; Reeder-hayes, Katherine E
IJE 2017 Volume 46 Issue 1 February (12).pdf.jpg2017Maternal underweight and obesity and risk of orofacial clefts in a large international consortium of population-based studies.Kutbi, Hebah; Wehby, George L; Moreno Uribe, Lina M; Romitti, Paul a; Carmichael, Suzan; Shaw, Gary M; Olshan, Andrew F; DeRoo, Lisa; Rasmussen, Sonja a; Murray, Jeffrey C; Wilcox, Allen; Lie, Rolv T; Munger, Ronald G
2016 AJE Volume 184 Issue 5 September (9).pdf.jpg2016Original Contribution Associations of Premenopausal Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy With Breast Cancer Among Black and White Women : The Carolina Breast Cancer Study , 1993 – 2001Robinson, Whitney R; Nichols, Hazel B; Tse, Chiu Kit; Olshan, Andrew F; Troester, Melissa A
2017 AJoE Volume 186 Issue 6 September (8).pdf.jpg2017Original Contribution Maternal Exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide , Intake of Methyl Nutrients , and Congenital Heart Defects in OffspringStingone, Jeanette A; Luben, Thomas J; Carmichael, Suzan L; Aylsworth, Arthur S; Botto, Lorenzo D; Correa, Adolfo; Gilboa, Suzanne M; Langlois, Peter H; Nembhard, Wendy N; Richmond-bryant, Jennifer; Shaw, Gary M; Olshan, Andrew F; Birth, National