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1013.pdf.jpg2015Abdominal fat depots associated with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome risk factors in black African young adultsDe Lucia Rolfe, Emanuella; Ong, Ken K; Sleigh, Alison; Dunger, David B; Norris, Shane A
2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 1 January (23).pdf.jpg2016Adiposity in Children Born Small for Gestational Age Is Associated With ␤ -Cell Function , Genetic Variants Hormone TreatmentThankamony, Ajay; Jensen, Rikke Beck; Connell, Susan M O; Day, Felix; Kirk, Jeremy; Donaldson, Malcolm; Ivarsson, Sten A; Söder, Olle; Roche, Edna; Hoey, Hilary; Ong, Ken K; Dunger, David B; Juul, Anders
317.pdf.jpgAug-2015Age at Weaning and Infant Growth: Primary Analysis and Systematic ReviewVail, Brennan; Prentice, Philippa; Dunger, David B; Hughes, Ieuan A; Acerini, Carlo L; Ong, Ken K
JCEM 2017 Volume 102 Issue 6 June (43).pdf.jpg2017Early Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein A Concentrations Are Associated With Third Trimester Insulin SensitivityPetry, Clive J; Ong, Ken K; Hughes, Ieuan a; Acerini, Carlo L; Frystyk, Jan; Dunger, David B
276.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Lipidomic analyses, breast- and formula-feeding, and growth in infantsPrentice, Philippa; Koulman, Albert; Matthews, Lee; Acerini, Carlo L; Ong, Ken K; Dunger, David B
2017 JCEM Volume 102 Issue 11 November (43).pdf.jpg2017Maternal Blood Pressure Rise During Pregnancy and Offspring Obesity Risk at 4 to 7 Years Old: The Jiaxing Birth CohortZheng, Ju-Sheng; Liu, Huijuan; Ong, Ken K; Huang, Tao; Guan, Yuhong; Huang, Yuan; Yang, Bo; Wang, Fenglei; Li, Duo
2017 AJCN Volume 106 Issue 4 October (7).pdf.jpg2017Mediation and modification of genetic susceptibility to obesity by eating behaviorsLauzon-guillain, Blandine De; Clifton, Emma A D; Day, Felix R; Cl, Karine; Brage, Soren; Forouhi, Nita G; Griffin, Simon J; Koudou, Yves Akoli; Wareham, Nicholas J; Charles, Marie-aline; Heude, Barbara; Ong, Ken K
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 12 December (20).pdf.jpg2016An Unbiased Lipidomics Approach Identifies Early Second Trimester Lipids Predictive of Maternal Glycemic Traits and Gestational Diabetes MellitusLu, Liangjian; Koulman, Albert; Petry, Clive J; Jenkins, Benjamin; Matthews, Lee; Hughes, Ieuan A; Acerini, Carlo L; Ong, Ken K; Dunger, David B