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2016 BJS Volume 103 Issue 4 March (12).pdf.jpg2016Clinical and experimental role of ring finger protein 180 on lymph node metastasis and survival in gastric cancerDeng, J; Liang, H; Zhang, R; Hou, Y; Liu, Y; Ying, G; Pan, Y; Hao, X
2013Combined Lithium and Noggin Treatment regulates the differentiation of neural progenitor cells in the adult spinal cord and promotes functional recovery after chronic spinal cord injuryDai, Y; Pan, Y; Yip, HKF
2013Effect of combined treatment of lithium and noggin on the neural progenitor cells and neurogenesis after chronically injured adult spinal cordDai, Y; Pan, Y; Yip, HKF
2013Effect of the combined lithium and noggin treatment on the responses of neural progenitor cells and functional recovery after chronic spinal cord injury in adult miceDai, Y; Pan, Y; Yip, HKF
2014Inhibition Of Stat/smad Co-transcription Factor P300 Regulates Differentiation Of Adult Spinal Cord Neural Progenitors And Ameliorates Functional Recovery In Chronic Spinal CordCheung, MPL; Dai, Y; Pan, Y; Yip, HKF
2012New halogenated disinfection byproducts in swimming pool water and their permeability across skinXiao, F; Zhang, X; Zhai, H; Lo, IMC; Tipoe, GL; Yang, M; Pan, Y; Chen, GH
2017 GE Volume 85 Issue 1 January (59).pdf.jpg2017ORIGINAL ARTICLES: Clinical Endoscopy 101Wallace, M B; Otaki, F; Iyer, P G; Adler, D G; Rastogi, A; Wani, S; Inamdar, S; Han, D; Passi, M; Sejpal, D V; Trindade, A J; Khan, M A; Atiq, O; Kubiliun, N; Ali, B; Kamal, F; Nollan, R; Ismail, M K; Tombazzi, C; Kahaleh, M; Baron, T H; Itoi, T; Guo, X; Yang, Z; Zhao, L; Leung, F; Luo, H; Kang, X; Li, X; Jia, H; Yang, S; Tao, Q; Pan, Y; Guo, X; Macarthur, K L; Leszczynski, A M; Jacobson, B C; Vargo, J J; Niklewski, P J; Williams, J L; Martin, J F; Faigel, D O; Repici, A; Hassan, C; Raines, D L; Jex, K T; Nicaud, M J; Adler, D G; Shuster, D; Anderson, M A; Khashab, M A; Ngamruengphong, S; Bapaye, A; Benias, P C; Serouya, S; Dorwat, S; Chaves, D M; Artifon, E; Moura, E G De; Kumbhari, V; Chavez, Y H; Bukhari, M; Hajiyeva, G; Ismail, A; Chung, H; Camilleri, M; Szarka, L A; Lestelle, V; Benezech, A; Cohen, J; Vitton, V; Barthet, M; Szarka, L A; Gostout, C J; Fukunaga, S; Nagami, Y; Shiba, M; Ominami, M; Tanigawa, T; Yamagami, H; Tanaka, H; Muguruma, K; Watanabe, T; Tominaga, K; Fujiwara, Y; Ohira, M; Hirakawa, K; Arakawa, T
2017 AJG Volume 112 Issue 10 October (27).pdf.jpg2017Safety of Eluxadoline in Patients With IrritableJia, H; Pan, Y; Guo, X; Dk, Rex; Ps, Schoenfeld; Cohen, J
2014The Inhibition Of GSK3β Promotes Oligodendroglial Progenitor Cell Differentiation In Spinal Cord InjuryCheung, MPL; Pan, Y; Dai, Y; Yip, HKF
2014The Role Of GSK3-beta Pathway In Oligodendroglial Progenitor Cell Differentiation And Remyelination After Spinal Cord InjuryCheung, MPL; Pan, Y; Dai, Y; Yip, HKF
2013The role of GSK3β pathway in oligodendroglial progenitor cell (OPC) differentiation and remyelination after spinal cord injury (SCI)Pan, Y; Dai, Y; Yip, HKF
2016 JU Volume 195 Issue 4 Part 1 April (89).pdf.jpg2016Urological Oncology : Bladder , Penis and Urethral Cancer , and Basic Principles of Oncology Re : Endoscopic Molecular Imaging of Human Bladder Cancer Using a CD47 Antibody Urolithiasis / Endourology Re : Pyridoxamine and Pyridoxal are More Effective thanPan, Y; Volkmer, J P; Mach, K E; Rouse, R V; Liu, J J; Sahoo, D; Chang, T C; Metzner, T J; Kang, L; Rijn, M Van De; Skinner, E C; Gambhir, S S; Weissman, I L; Liao, J C