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-Abolishing user fees for children and pregnant women trebled uptake of malaria-related interventions in Kangaba, Mali.Ponsar, Frédérique; Van Herp, Michel; Zachariah, Rony; Gerard, Séco; Philips, Mit; Jouquet, Guillaume
-Acceptance of anti-retroviral therapy among patients infected with HIV and tuberculosis in rural Malawi is low and associated with cost of transport.Zachariah, Rony; Harries, A D; Manzi, M; Gomani, P; Teck, R; Philips, Mit; Firmenich, Peter
-Burundi: a population deprived of basic health care.Philips, Mit; Ooms, Gorik; Hargreaves, Sally; Durrant, Andrew
-Ebola: a failure of international collective actionPhilips, Mit; Markham, Áine
-Financial access to health care in Karuzi, Burundi: a household-survey based performance evaluation.Lambert-Evans, Sophie; Ponsar, Frederique; Reid, Tony; Bachy, Catherine; Van Herp, Michel; Philips, Mit
-Foci of Schistosomiasis mekongi, Northern Cambodia: II. Distribution of infection and morbidity.Stich, A H; Biays, S; Odermatt, P; Men, C; Saem, C; Sokha, K; Ly, C S; Legros, P; Philips, Mit; Lormand, J D; Tanner, M
-Health in the service of state-building in fragile and conflict affected contexts: an additional challenge in the medical-humanitarian environmentPhilips, Mit; Derderian, Katharine
-Health Problems in Areas of Human Vulnerability: Field Experience of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in the Sahel RegionPhilips, Mit
-No cash, no care: how user fees endanger health—lessons learnt regarding financial barriers to healthcare services in Burundi, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Haiti and MaliPonsar, Frederique; Tayler-Smith, Katie; Philips, Mit; Gerard, Seco; Van Herp, Michel; Reid, Tony; Zachariah, Rony
-Task shifting for antiretroviral treatment delivery in sub-Saharan Africa: not a panacea.Philips, Mit; Zachariah, Rony; Venis, Sarah
-User Fees or Equity Funds in Low-Income Countries.Brikci, Nouria; Philips, Mit