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2014An argument for discovery-driven research: from physicist to cancer researcherRetsky, Michael W.
2009Comments on John D. Keen and James E. Keen, What is the point: will screening mammography save my life? BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 2009Retsky, Michael W.
2009Guest Editor's Concluding Remarks―Advances in Usage of ANN, Discussion of an Unsolved Problem, and Some Differences between Papers Written by Engineers and by PhysiciansRetsky, Michael W.
2013How Long Should Adjuvant Chemotherapy Be Given in Early Stage Colon Cancer?Retsky, Michael W.
2004Hypothesis: Induced Angiogenesis after Surgery in Premenopausal Node-Positive Breast Cancer Patients Is a Major Underlying Reason Why Adjuvant Chemotherapy Works Particularly Well for Those PatientsBonadonna, Gianni; Demicheli, Romano; Folkman, Judah; Hrushesky, William; Valagussa, Pinuccia; Retsky, Michael W.
2009Hypothesis: Primary Antiangiogenic Method Proposed to Treat Early Stage Breast CancerHrushesky, William JM; Gukas, Isaac D; Retsky, Michael W.
2004Menopausal Status Dependence of the Timing of Breast Cancer Recurrence after Surgical Removal of the Primary TumourDemicheli, Romano; Bonadonna, Gianni; Hrushesky, William JM; Valagussa, Pinuccia; Retsky, Michael W.
2011Metronomic Chemotherapy Was Originally Designed and First Used in 1994 for Early Stage Cancer -- Why Is It Taking So Long to Proceed?Retsky, Michael W.
2014Multimodal Hazard Rate for Relapse in Breast Cancer: Quality of Data and Calibration of Computer SimulationRetsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano
2012NSAID analgesic ketorolac used perioperatively may suppress early breast cancer relapse: particular relevance to triple negative subgroupRetsky, Michael W.; Rogers, Rick A.; Demicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William J. M.; Gukas, Isaac; Vaidya, Jayant S.; Baum, Michael; Forget, Patrice; DeKock, Marc; Pachmann, Katharina
2012Promising development from translational or perhaps anti-translational research in breast cancerRetsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William JM; Forget, Patrice; De Kock, Marc; Gukas, Isaac; Rogers, Rick A.; Baum, Michael; Pachmann, Katharine; Vaidya, Jayant S
2004Recent Translational Research: Computational Studies of Breast CancerDemicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William; Speer, John; Swartzendruber, Douglas; Wardwell, Robert; Retsky, Michael W.
2008Recurrence Dynamics Does Not Depend on the Recurrence SiteDemicheli, Romano; Biganzoli, Elia; Boracchi, Patrizia; Greco, Marco; Retsky, Michael W.
2013Reduction of Breast Cancer Relapses with Perioperative Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: New Findings and a ReviewRetsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William; Forget, Patrice; Kock, Marc; Gukas, Isaac; Rogers, Rick A.; Baum, Michael; Sukhatme, Vikas Pandurang; Vaidya, Jayant
2010Surgery Triggers Outgrowth of Latent Distant Disease in Breast Cancer: An Inconvenient Truth?Retsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William; Baum, Michael; Gukas, Isaac