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2003An activity associated with human chromosome 21 permits nuclear colocalization of the adenovirus E1B-55K and E4orf6 proteins and promotes viral late gene expressionChastain-Moore, AM; Roberts, T; Trott, DA; Newbold, RF; Ornelles, DA
2014Expression of shelterin and shelterin-associated genes in breast cancer cell linesRoberts, T; Newbold, R; Motevalli, Azadeh
2017 EJN Volume 24 Issue 6 June (1).pdf.jpg2017First Results of a Phase 2 Trial of Once-Weekly Hypofractionated Breast Irradiation (WHBI) for Early-Stage Breast Cancer.Dragun, a E; Ajkay, N J; Riley, E C; Roberts, T; Pan, J; Rai, S N; Jain, D; Quillo, a R; Scoggins, C R; McMasters, K M
2013Genotype and phenotype characterisation of Friedreich ataxia mouse models and cellsPook, M; Slijepcevic, P; Eskiw, C; Al-Mahdawi, S; Roberts, T; Yasaei, H; Makarov, E; Anjomani Virmouni, Sara
2004Identification of subpopulations of cells with differing telomere lengths in mouse and human cell lines by flow FISHNewbold, R F; Cabury, E; Newton, C; Roberts, T; Slijepcevic, P
2014The effect of chemotherapeutic agents on telomere length maintenance in breast cancer cell linesMotevalli, A; Yasaei, H; Virmouni, SA; Slijepcevic, P; Roberts, T
2009The mRNA expression of SETD2 in human breast cancer: Correlation with clinico-athological parametersNewbold, RF; Al Sarakbi, W; Sassi, W; Jiang, WG; Roberts, T; Mokbel, K
2017 BJOG Volume 124 Issue 9 August (23).pdf.jpg2017Ultrasound bladder wall thickness and detrusor overactivity: a multicentre test accuracy studyLatthe, P; Middleton, L; Rachaneni, S; McCooty, S; Daniels, J; Coomarasamy, a; Balogun, M; Duckett, J; Thakar, R; Goranitis, I; Roberts, T; Deeks, J