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1-Nov-2005Household Health and Cocoa Production: A Baseline Survey of Smallholder Farming Households in Western Region, GhanaLarson, Bruce; Asuming-Brempong, Samuel; Sarpong, Daniel; Anim-Somuah, Henry; Rosen, Sydney
1-Oct-2006How Much Does It Cost to Provide Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV/AIDS in Africa?Rosen, Sydney; Long, Lawrence
1-Oct-2008Non-clinical outcomes of antiretroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS in developing countries: a systematic literature reviewBeard, Jennifer; Feeley, Frank; Rosen, Sydney
Oct-2007Patient Retention in Antiretroviral Therapy Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic ReviewRosen, Sydney; Fox, Matthew P; Gill, Chris G
1-Feb-2004Rationing Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV/AIDS in Africa: Efficiency, Equity, and RealityRosen, Sydney; Sanne, Ian; Collier, Alizanne; Simon, Jonathon L.
1-May-2002Shifting the Burden of HIV/AIDSRosen, Sydney; Simon, Jonathon L.
1-Jun-2006The Impact of AIDS on Government Service Delivery: The Case of the Zambia Wildlife AuthorityRosen, Sydney; Hamazakaza, Petan; Feeley, Rich; Fox, Matthew
1-Jun-2006The Private Sector and HIV/AIDS in Africa: Taking Stock of Six Years of Applied ResearchRosen, Sydney; Feeley, Rich; Connelly, Patrick; Simon, Jonathon L.
1-Nov-2002The Retail Market for Bednets in Kenya: How Well Is It Working?Larson, Bruce; Rosen, Sydney
1-Jun-2005Treatment of HIV/AIDS at South Africa's Largest Employers: Myth and RealityConnelly, Patrick; Rosen, Sydney
1-Jan-2003Why do Nigerian manufacturing firms take action on AIDS?Rosen, Sydney; MacLeod, William; Jeffrey R., Vincent; Donald M., Thea; Jonathon L., Simon