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1079.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2015Adult Spinal Deformity Patients Recall Fewer Than 50% of the Risks Discussed in the Informed Consent Process Preoperatively and the Recall Rate Worsens Significantly in the Postoperative PeriodSaigal, Rajiv; Clark, Aaron J; Scheer, Justin K; Smith, Justin S; Bess, Shay; Mummaneni, Praveen V; McCarthy, Ian M; Hart, Robert A; Kebaish, Khaled M; Klineberg, Eric O; Deviren, Vedat; Schwab, Frank; Shaffrey, Christopher I; Ames, Christopher P
e443.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2015Antifibrinolytics reduce blood loss in adult spinal deformity surgery: a prospective, randomized controlled trialPeters, Austin; Verma, Kushagra; Slobodyanyuk, Kseniya; Cheriyan, Thomas; Hoelscher, Christian; Schwab, Frank; Lonner, Baron; Huncke, Tessa; Lafage, Virginie; Errico, Thomas
2016 ESJ Volume 25 Issue 8 August (32).pdf.jpg2016A comparative analysis of the prevalence and characteristics of cervical malalignment in adults presenting with thoracolumbar spine deformity based on variations in treatment approach over 2 yearsJalai, Cyrus M; Passias, Peter G; Lafage, Virginie; Smith, Justin S; Neuman, Brian J; Scheer, Justin K; Shaffrey, Christopher I; Bess, Shay; Schwab, Frank; Ames, Christopher P; Spine, International; Group, Study
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 1 January (15).pdf.jpg2016Dedicated Spine Measurement Software Quantifies Key Spino-Pelvic Parameters More Reliably Than Traditional Picture Archiving and Communication Systems ToolsGupta, Munish; Henry, Ã Jensen K; Schwab, Frank; Klineberg, Eric; Diebo, Bassel G; Hamilton, D Kojo; Eastlack, Robert; Passias, Peter G
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 1 January (16).pdf.jpg2016Developing the Total Disability Index Based onSpiegel, Matthew A; Lafage, Ã Renaud; Lafage, Ã Virginie; Ryan, Ã Devon; Marascalchi, Bryan; Trimba, Ã Yuriy; Ames, Ã Christopher; Harris, Bradley; Tanzi, Elizabeth; Oren, Ã Jonathan; Vira, Ã Shaleen; Errico, Ã Thomas; Schwab, Frank; Protopsaltis, Themistocles S
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Issue 22 November (6).pdf.jpg2016Development of Validated Computer Based Pre-operative Predictive Model for Proximal Junction Failure (PJF) or Clinically Significant PJK with 86% Accuracy Based on 510 ASD Patients with 2-year Follow-up.Scheer, Justin K; Osorio, Joseph A; Smith, Justin S; Schwab, Frank; Lafage, Virginie; Hart, Robert A; Bess, Shay; Line, Breton; Diebo, Bassel G; Protopsaltis, Themistocles S; Jain, Amit; Ailon, Tamir; Burton, Douglas C; Shaffrey, Christopher I; Klineberg, Eric; Ames, Ch
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 3 February (9).pdf.jpg2016The Health Impact of Symptomatic Adult Spinal United States Population Norms andSchwab, Frank; Shaffrey, Christopher; Ames, Christopher; Akbarnia, Behrooz; Kebaish, Khaled; Hostin, Richard; Mundis, Ã Ã Ã Gregory; Mummaneni, Ã Ã Praveen
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 7 April (9).pdf.jpg2017The Impact of Smoking on 30-day Morbidity and Mortality in Adult Spinal Deformity SurgeryRamos, Rafael De La Garza; Goodwin, C. Rory; Qadi, Mohamud; Abu-Bonsrah, Nancy; Passias, Peter G.; Lafage, Virginie; Schwab, Frank; Sciubba, Daniel M.
2017 SpineJournal Volume 17 Issue 10 October (8).pdf.jpg2017Importance of patient-reported individualized goals when assessing outcomes for adult spinal deformity ( ASD ): initial experience with a Patient Generated Index ( PGI )Scheer, Justin K; Keefe, Malla; Lafage, Virginie; Kelly, Michael P; Bess, Shay; Burton, Douglas C; Hart, Robert A; Jain, Amit; Lonner, Baron S; Protopsaltis, Themistocles S; Hostin, Richard; Shaffrey, Christopher I; Smith, Justin S; Schwab, Frank; Ames, Christopher P
S121.pdf.jpgJan-2015Maintenance of radiographic correction at 2 years following lumbar pedicle subtraction osteotomy is superior with upper thoracic compared with thoracolumbar junction upper instrumented vertebraScheer, Justin K; Lafage, Virginie; Smith, Justin S; Deviren, Vedat; Hostin, Richard; McCarthy, Ian M; Mundis, Gregory M; Burton, Douglas C; Klineberg, Eric; Gupta, Munish; Kebaish, Khaled; Shaffrey, Christopher I; Bess, Shay; Schwab, Frank; Ames, Christopher P
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 7 April (14).pdf.jpg2016A Multicenter Comparison of Inpatient Resource Use for Adult Spinal Deformity SurgeryHostin, Richard; Robinson, Ã Chessie; Brien, Michael O; Ames, Ã Christopher; Schwab, Frank; Smith, Justin S; Lafage, Virginie; Gupta, Munish; Hart, Robert; Burton, Ã Ã Douglas; Bess, Shay; Schaffrey, Christopher
2018 Spine Volume 43 Issue 5 March (9).pdf.jpg2018Operative Management of Adult Spinal Deformity Compared to Nonoperative ManagementScheer, Justin K; Hostin, Ã Richard; Robinson, Chessie; Schwab, Frank; Lafage, Virginie; Burton, Douglas C; Hart, Robert A; Kelly, Michael P; Keefe, Malla; Polly, David; Bess, Shay; Shaffrey, Christopher I; Smith, Justin S; Ames, Christopher P; Study, Spine
2016 ESJ Volume 25 Supplement 3 September (4).pdf.jpg2016Oral Presentations EUROSPINE 2016Jain, Amit; Naef, Floreana; Lenke, Lawrence; Qiu, Yong; Pellise, Ferran; Matsuyama, Yukihiro; Ames, Christopher; Fehlings, Michael; Dahl, Benny; Cheung, Kenneth; Mehdian, Hossein; Schwab, Frank; Carreon, Leah; Shaffrey, Christopher; Kebaish, Khaled; Hebron, Hospital Val
2017 Spine Volume 42 Issue 20 October (14).pdf.jpg2017Orientation of the Upper-most Instrumented Segment Influences Proximal Junctional Disease Following Adult Spinal Deformity SurgerySchwab, Frank; Smith, Ã Justin S; Gum, Jeffrey L; Ames, Christopher P; Hostin, Richard; Gregory, Ã Ã; Jr, M Mundis; Kim, Jo; Bess, Ã Shay; Klineberg, Eric; Lafage, Virginie; Spine, International; Group, Study
2017 SpineJournal Volume 17 Issue 8 August (5).pdf.jpg2017Outcomes of open staged corrective surgery in the setting of adult spinal deformityPassias, Peter G; Poorman, Gregory W; Jalai, Cyrus M; Line, Breton; Diebo, Bassel; Park, Paul; Hart, Robert; Burton, Douglas; Schwab, Frank; Lafage, Virginie; Bess, Shay; Errico, Thomas
2016 SPI Volume 41 Issue 6 March (15).pdf.jpg2016Patient Factors That Influence Decision Making :Neuman, Brian J; Baldus, Ã Christine; Zebala, Lukas P; Kelly, Michael P; Shaffrey, Christopher; Ii, Edwards; Koski, Tyler; Schwab, Frank; Glassman, Steven; Parent, Stefan; Lewis, Stephen; Lenke, Lawrence G; Buchowski, Jacob M; Smith, Justin S; Iii, H Crawford; Kim, Jo
2016 ESJ Volume 25 Issue 8 August (3).pdf.jpg2016Patients with spinal deformity over the age of 75 : a retrospective analysis of operative versus non-operative managementSciubba, Daniel M; Scheer, Justin K; Yurter, Alp; Smith, Justin S; Lafage, Virginie; Klineberg, Eric; Schwab, Frank; Ames, Christopher P; Study, Spine; Issg, Group
283.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2015Postoperative cervical deformity in 215 thoracolumbar patients with adult spinal deformity: prevalence, risk factors, and impact on patient-reported outcome and satisfaction at 2-year follow-upPassias, Peter G; Soroceanu, Alex; Smith, Justin; Boniello, Anthony; Yang, Sun; Scheer, Justin K; Schwab, Frank; Shaffrey, Christopher; Kim, Han Jo; Protopsaltis, Themistocles; Mundis, Gregory; Gupta, Munish; Klineberg, Eric; Lafage, Virginie; Ames, Christopher
2017 NEUROSURGERY Volume 80 Supplement 3 March (8).pdf.jpg2017Recent and Emerging Advances in Spinal DeformitySmith, Justin S; Shaffrey, Christopher I; Bess, Shay; Shamji, Mohammed F; Brodke, Darrel; Fehlings, Michael G; Lafage, Virginie; Schwab, Frank
Spine 2017 Volume 42 Issue 12 June (17).pdf.jpg2017Results of the 2015 Scoliosis Research Society Survey on Single Versus Dual Attending Surgeon Approach for Adult Spinal Deformity SurgeryScheer, Justin K.; Sethi, Rajiv K.; Hey, Lloyd a.; LaGrone, Michael O.; Keefe, Malla; Aryan, Henry E.; Errico, Thomas J.; Deviren, Vedat; Hart, Robert a.; Lafage, Virginie; Schwab, Frank; Daubs, Michael D.; Ames, Christopher P.