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DiabetesCare 2018 Volume 41 Issue 7 July (25).pdf.jpg2018C-Peptide Decline in Type 1 Diabetes Has Two Phases : An Initial Exponential Fall and a Subsequent Stable PhaseShields, Beverley M; Mcdonald, Timothy J; Oram, Richard; Hill, Anita; Hudson, Michelle; Leete, Pia; Pearson, Ewan R; Richardson, Sarah J; Morgan, Noel G
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 2 February (14).pdf.jpg2016Markers of b -Cell Failure Predict Poor Glycemic Response to GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Therapy in Type 2 DiabetesJones, Angus G; Mcdonald, Timothy J; Shields, Beverley M; Hill, Anita V; Hyde, Christopher J; Knight, Bridget A; Hattersley, Andrew T
2017 DiabetesCare Volume 40 Issue 8 August (7).pdf.jpg2017Population-Based Assessment of a Biomarker-Based Screening Pathway to Aid Diagnosis of Monogenic Diabetes in Young-Onset PatientsShields, Beverley M; Shepherd, Maggie; Hudson, Michelle; Mcdonald, Timothy J; Colclough, Kevin; Peters, Jaime; Knight, Bridget; Hyde, Chris; Ellard, Sian
2018 DiabetesCare Volume 41 Issue 4 April (11).pdf.jpg2018Precision Medicine in Type 2 Diabetes : Clinical Markers of Insulin Resistance Are Associated With Altered Short- and Long-term Glycemic Response to DPP-4 Inhibitor TherapyDennis, John M; Shields, Beverley M; Hill, Anita V; Knight, Bridget A; Mcdonald, Timothy J; Rodgers, Lauren R; Weedon, Michael N; Henley, William E; Sattar, Naveed; Holman, Rury R; Pearson, Ewan R; Hattersley, Andrew T
DiabetesCare 2018 Volume 41 Issue 9 September (5).pdf.jpg2018Sex and BMI Alter the Bene fi ts and Risks of Sulfonylureas and Thiazolidinediones in Type 2 Diabetes : A Framework for Evaluating Strati fi cation Using Routine Clinical and Individual Trial DataDennis, John M; Henley, William E; Weedon, Michael N; Lonergan, Mike; Rodgers, Lauren R; Jones, Angus G; Hamilton, William T; Sattar, Naveed; Janmohamed, Salim; Holman, Rury R; Pearson, Ewan R; Shields, Beverley M