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AJoG 2018 Volume 113 Issue 10 October (11).pdf.jpg2018Body Mass Index , Diabetes and Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Risk : The Liver Cancer Pooling Project and Meta-analysisPetrick, Jessica L; Thistle, Jake E; Zeleniuch-jacquotte, Anne; Zhang, Xuehong; Wactawski-wende, Jean; Dyke, Alison L Van; Stampfer, Meir J; Sinha, Rashmi; Sesso, Howard D; Schairer, Catherine; Rosenberg, Lynn; Rohan, Thomas E; Robien, Kim; Purdue, Mark P; Poynter, Jen
2016 Volume 45 Issue 3 June (22).pdf.jpg2016Coffee consumption and incidence of lung cancer in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health StudyGuertin, Kristin A; Freedman, Neal D; Loftfield, Erikka; Graubard, Barry I; Caporaso, Neil E; Sinha, Rashmi
2017 JCLIONC Volume 35 Issue 26 September (12).pdf.jpg2017Dietary Fat Intake and Lung Cancer Risk : A Pooled AnalysisYang, Jae Jeong; Yu, Danxia; Takata, Yumie; Smith-warner, Stephanie A; Blot, William; White, Emily; Robien, Kim; Park, Yikyung; Xiang, Yong-bing; Sinha, Rashmi; Lazovich, Deann; Stampfer, Meir; Tumino, Rosario; Overvad, Kim; Liao, Linda; Zhang, Xuehong; Gao, Yu-tang; Joha
AJE 2017 Volume 185 Issue 2 January (5).pdf.jpg2017Practice of Epidemiology Comparison of Collection Methods for Fecal Samples in Microbiome StudiesVogtmann, Emily; Chen, Jun; Amir, Amnon; Shi, Jianxin; Abnet, Christian C; Nelson, Heidi; Knight, Rob; Chia, Nicholas; Sinha, Rashmi
2017 Epidemiology Volume 28 Issue 5 September (8).pdf.jpg2017A Prospective Investigation of Coffee Drinking and Bladder Cancer Incidence in the United StatesLoftfield, Erikka; Freedman, Neal D.; Inoue-Choi, Maki; Graubard, Barry I.; Sinha, Rashmi
1000.pdf.jpgMay-2015Serum biomarkers of habitual coffee consumption may provide insight into the mechanism underlying the association between coffee consumption and colorectal cancerGuertin, Kristin A; Loftfield, Erikka; Boca, Simina M; Sampson, Joshua N; Moore, Steven C; Xiao, Qian; Huang, Wen-Yi; Xiong, Xiaoqin; Freedman, Neal D; Cross, Amanda J; Sinha, Rashmi