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20091H MRS of the visual cortex under chronic ocular hypertensionChan, KCW; So, KF; Wu, EX
1993A histochemical study of the NOS containing neurons in the visual cortex of hamstersXiao, YM; Diao, YC; So, KF; Lau, KC
2000A MixtureSo, KF; Cheung, HYZ; Yip, HKF; Wu, W
2000A mixture of Panax Quinquefolius L., Ginkgo Biloba and Hypericum Perforatum, but not single extract alone, enhances the survival and regeneration of axotomized retinal ganglion cellsCheung, HYZ; So, KF; Wu, W; Shan, J; Pang, PKT; Chen, CF; Yip, HKF
1996A Morphological Study of Neurons Expressing NADPH Diaphorase Activity in the Visual Cortex of the Golden HamsterXiao, YM; Diao, YC; So, KF
2000A morphometric study of optic axons regenerated in a sciatic nerve graft of adult ratsSo, KF; Tay, D; Wai Kei Chau; Dockery, P
1994A morphometric study of the axonal cytoskeleton in rat optic nerve regenerated in a pheripheral nerve graftChau, DWK; Dockery, P; So, KF; Lau, KC
2008A neuroprotective herbal mixture inhibits caspase-3-independent apoptosis in retinal ganglion cellsCheung, ZH; Leung, MCP; Yip, HK; Wu, W; Siu, FKW; So, KF
2007A new polysaccharide from nerium indicum elicits neuroprotection against beta-amyloid peptides-induced apoptosisYu, MS; So, KF; Fang, JN; Yuen, WH; Chang, RCC
2012A randomized controlled trial of qigong exercise on fatigue symptoms, functioning, and telomerase activity in persons with chronic fatigue or chronic fatigue syndromeChan, JSM; Wang, CW; Lau, BWM; Yuen, LP; Sham, JST; Ho, RTH; So, KF; Chan, CLW
2013A rat model of intracerebral hemorrhage permitting hematoma aspiration plus intralesional injectionSang, Y; Liang, Y; LIU, L; Ellis-Behnke, RG; Wu, W; So, KF; Cheung, RTF
2008A review on the laboratory investigations and epidemiological studies of black teaChang, MP; Chang, RCC; Wang, M; So, KF
2012A Role for Atypical Cadherin Celsr3 in Hippocampal Maturation and ConnectivityFeng, J; Xu, Y; Ruan, YW; So, KF; Tissir, F; Goffinet, A; Zhou, LB
1997A segment of optic nerve transplanted intravitreally retards death and enhances axonal regneration of retinal ganglion cells in adult hamstersCho, KS; So, KF; Chung, SK
2014A self-assembling nanomaterial reduces acute brain injury and enhances functional recovery in a rat model of intracerebral hemorrhageSang, LYH; So, KF; Cheung, RTF
2013A Self‐Assembling Peptide Nanofiber Scaffold Reduces Acute Brain Injury and Improves Functional Recovery in a Hypertensive Rat Model of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Plus Clot AspirationSang, Y; So, KF; Cheung, RTF; Liang, Y; Ellis-Behnke, RG
1997A study of the survival of retinal ganglion cells following a damage of the retinocolicular projection at the brachium of superior colliculus in adult hamstersChau, WK; So, KF; Tay, DKC
1994A study on nitric oxide synathae positive neurons in the retina of spontaneously hypertensive ratLi, S; Yang, L; Mai, H; Xu, L; Yu, E; Yang, B; So, KF
2007A subpopulation of reactive astrocytes at affected neuronal perikarya after hypophysectomy in adult ratsYuan, Q; Scott, DE; So, KF; Wu, W
2006A suprachiasmatic nucleus projecting retinal ganglion cell exhibits an unusually large dendritic field in the hamsterPu, M; Chen, B; Li, RS; Tay, D; So, KF