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2008Alzheimer-like hyperphosphorylation of tau in animal model of secondary smokeYang, X; Song, J; Yeung, SC; Mak, JCW; Chang, RCC
2018 TransplantProceeding Volume 50 Issue 4 May (1).pdf.jpg2018Application of the Revised Cardiac Risk Index to the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease Score Improves the Prediction of Cardiac Events in Patients Undergoing Liver TransplantationPark, Y; Moon, Y; Jun, I; Song, J; Hwang, G
2017 AJNLPRP Volume 313 Issue 2 August (21).pdf.jpg2017Cross-sex transplantation alters gene expression and enhances inflammatory response in the transplanted kidneysWang, Lei; Song, Jiangping; Wang, Shaohui; Buggs, Jacentha; Chen, Rongjun; Zhang, Jie; Wang, Liqing; Rong, Song; Li, Wenbin; Wei, Jin; Liu, Ruisheng; Wang, L; Song, J; Wang, S; Buggs, J; Chen, R; Zhang, J; Wang, L; Rong, S; Li, W; Wei, J; Cross-sex, Liu R
2512.pdf.jpgSep-2015Distribution and antimicrobial resistance of enteric pathogens in Chinese paediatric diarrhoea: a multicentre retrospective study, 2008-2013Zhang, H; Pan, F; Zhao, X; Wang, G; Tu, Y; Fu, S; Wang, J; Pan, J; Song, J; Wang, W; Jin, Z; Xu, H; Ren, Y; Li, Y; Zhong, N
TransplantProceeding 2018 Volume 50 Issue 8 October (7).pdf.jpg2018Early Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis as a Cause of Delayed Graft Function With Combined Acute Antibody Rejection: A Case ReportJung, S; Park, K; Hah, J; Hong, K C; Hwang, S; Song, J
2016 PRICP Volume 310 Issue 11 June (3).pdf.jpg2016Methylene blue counteracts H 2 S toxicity-induced cardiac depression by restoring L-type Ca channel activityJudenherc-haouzi, Annick; Zhang, Xue-qian; Sonobe, Takashi; Song, Jianliang; Rannals, Matthew D; Wang, Jufang; Tubbs, Nicole; Cheung, Joseph Y; Haouzi, Philippe; Zhang, X; Sonobe, T; Song, J; Wang, J; Tubbs, N; Jy, Cheung; Methylene, Haouzi P
2018 TransplantProceeding Volume 50 Issue 4 May (45).pdf.jpg2018Pretransplantation Cystatin C, but not Creatinine, Predicts 30-day Cardiovascular Events and Mortality in Liver Transplant Recipients With Normal Serum Creatinine LevelsKwon, H; Moon, Y; Jung, K; Jun, I; Song, J; Hwang, G
2018 TransplantProceeding Volume 50 Issue 4 May (46).pdf.jpg2018Prevalence of Antiphospholipid Antibody Positivity and Association of Pretransplant Lupus Anticoagulant Positivity With Early Allograft Dysfunction in Liver TransplantationKwon, H; Jung, K; Moon, Y; Jung, H; Park, Y; Jun, I; Song, J; Hwang, G
2008Research advances on the anti-aging profile of Fructus lycii: An ancient Chinese herbal medicineSze, SCW; Chang, RCC; Zhang, KY; Tong, Y; Song, J; Wong, RNS