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2016 CHEST Volume 150 Issue 6 December (47).pdf.jpg2016Clinimetric Properties of the Lung Clearance Index in Adults and Children With Cystic FibrosisOude Engberink, Esther; Stanojevic, Sanja; Ratjen, Felix
2016 ERJ Volume 48 Issue 6 December (32).pdf.jpg2016Do the Global Lung Function Initiative 2012 equations fit my population?Quanjer, Philip H; Stanojevic, Sanja
Thorax 2017 Volume 72 Issue 4 April (8).pdf.jpg2017Effect of pulmonary exacerbations treated with oral antibiotics on clinical outcomes in cystic fibrosis.Stanojevic, Sanja; McDonald, Alexandra; Waters, Valerie; MacDonald, Sarah; Horton, Eric; Tullis, Elizabeth; Ratjen, Felix
2016 ERJ Volume 48 Issue 6 December (15).pdf.jpg2016Global Lung Function Initiative 2012 reference equations for spirometry in the Norwegian populationLanghammer, Arnulf; Johannessen, Ane; Holmen, Turid L; Melbye, Hasse; Stanojevic, Sanja; Lund, May B; Melsom, Morten N; Bakke, Per; Quanjer, Philip H
262.full.pdf.jpgJul-2015Global Lung Function Initiative equations improve interpretation of FEV1 decline among patients with cystic fibrosisStanojevic, Sanja; Bilton, Diana; McDonald, Alexandra; Stocks, Janet; Aurora, Paul; Prasad, Ammani; Cole, Tim J; Davies, Gwyneth
2017 ERJ Volume 50 Issue 4 October (5).pdf.jpg2017Inter-test reproducibility of the lung clearance index measured by multiple breath washoutEngberink, Esther Oude; Ratjen, Felix; Davis, Stephanie D; Retsch-bogart, George; Amin, Reshma; Stanojevic, Sanja
1055.full.pdf.jpgOct-2015Lung clearance index in cystic fibrosis subjects treated for pulmonary exacerbationsSonneveld, Nicole; Stanojevic, Sanja; Amin, Reshma; Aurora, Paul; Davies, Jane; Elborn, J Stuart; Horsley, Alex; Latzin, Philipp; O'Neill, Katherine; Robinson, Paul; Scrase, Emma; Selvadurai, Hiran; Subbarao, Padmaja; Welsh, Liam; Yammine, Sophie; Ratjen, Felix
2016 THOR Volume 71 Issue 5 May (11).pdf.jpg2016Lung clearance index response in patients with CF with class III CFTR mutationsKane, Mica; Gonska, Tanja; Jensen, Renee; Avolio, Julie; Klingel, Michelle; Stanojevic, Sanja; Ratjen, Felix; Medicine, Experimental
2018 Thorax Volume 73 Issue 5 May (10).pdf.jpg2018Lung clearance index to monitor treatment response in pulmonary exacerbations in preschool children with cystic fibrosisRayment, Jonathan H; Stanojevic, Sanja; Davis, Stephanie D; Retsch-bogart, George; Ratjen, Felix
2017 EuropeanRJ Volume 50 Issue 3 September (8).pdf.jpg2017Official ERS technical standards : Global Lung Function Initiative reference values for the carbon monoxide transfer factor for CaucasiansStanojevic, Sanja; Graham, Brian L; Cooper, Brendan G; Thompson, Bruce R; Carter, Kim W; Francis, Richard W; Hall, Graham L
AJRCCM 2017 Volume 195 Issue 9 May (15).pdf.jpg2017Progression of Lung Disease in Preschool Patients with Cystic FibrosisStanojevic, Sanja; Davis, Stephanie D; Retsch-bogart, George; Webster, Hailey; Davis, Miriam; Johnson, Robin C; Jensen, Renee; Pizarro, Maria Ester; Kane, Mica; Clem, Charles C; Schornick, Leah; Subbarao, Padmaja; Ratjen, Felix A
2017 AJRCC Volume 196 Issue 11 December (28).pdf.jpg2017Recommendations for a Standardized Pulmonary Function Report. An Official American Thoracic Society Technical StatementCulver, Bruce H.; Graham, Brian L.; Coates, Allan L.; Wanger, Jack; Berry, Cristine E.; Clarke, Patricia K.; Hallstrand, Teal S.; Hankinson, John L.; Kaminsky, David a.; MacIntyre, Neil R.; McCormack, Meredith C.; Rosenfeld, Margaret; Stanojevic, Sanja; Weiner, Daniel
AIM 2017 Volume 166 Issue 8 April (20).pdf.jpg2017Survival Comparison of Patients With Cystic Fibrosis in Canada and the United StatesStephenson, Anne L.; Sykes, Jenna; Stanojevic, Sanja; Quon, Bradley S.; Marshall, Bruce C.; Petren, Kristofer; Ostrenga, Josh; Fink, Aliza K.; Elbert, Alexander; Goss, Christopher H.