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2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 20 May (5).pdf.jpg2016The ABC ( age , biomarkers , clinical history ) stroke risk score : a biomarker-based risk score for predicting stroke in atrial fibrillationAlexander, John H; Hanna, Michael; Held, Claes; Hijazi, Ziad; Lindba, Johan; Hylek, Elaine M; Lopes, Renato D; Oldgren, Jonas; Siegbahn, Agneta; Stewart, Ralph A H; White, Harvey D; Granger, Christopher B; Wallentin, Lars; Investigators, Stability
2017 ATsurgery Volume 104 Issue 3 September (4).pdf.jpg2017Cardiac Involvement in Diabetes: The Dark Side of the Moon Maurizio Galderisi, Roberta Esposito, Bruno Trimarco 1717Stewart, Ralph A H; Held, Claes; Hadziosmanovic, Nermin; Armstrong, Paul W; Cannon, Christopher P; Granger, Christopher B; Hagström, Emil; Hochman, Judith S; Koenig, Wolfgang; Lonn, Eva; Nicolau, José C; Steg, Philippe Gabriel; Vedin, Ola; Sawaki, Daigo; Czibik, Gabor; Volpi, Chiara; Canoui-poitrine, Florence; Thibault, Hélène
2016 EHJ Volume 37 Issue 25 July (11).pdf.jpg2016Dietary patterns and the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events in a global study of high-risk patients with stable coronary heart diseaseStewart, Ralph A H; Wallentin, Lars; Benatar, Jocelyne; Danchin, Nicolas; Held, Claes; Husted, Steen; Lonn, Eva; Stebbins, Amanda; Chiswell, Karen; Vedin, Ola; Watson, David; White, Harvey D
2017 JACC Volume 70 Issue 7 August (2).pdf.jpg2017Subcutaneous Implantable Cardioverter-De fi brillator Finding a Place in Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention: Emerging or Emerged? Jeanne E. Poole, Jordan M. Prutkin 842Lindholm, Daniel; Lindbäck, Johan; Armstrong, Paul W; Budaj, Andrzej; Cannon, Christopher P; Granger, Christopher B; Hagström, Emil; Held, Claes; Koenig, Wolfgang; Östlund, Ollie; Stewart, Ralph A H; Soffer, Joseph; White, Harvey D; Winter, Robbert J De; Steg, Philippe
2017 EHJ Volume 38 Issue 37 October (9).pdf.jpg2017Visit-to-visit variability of blood pressure and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with stable coronary heart disease . Insights from the STABILITY trialVidal-petiot, Emmanuelle; Stebbins, Amanda; Chiswell, Karen; Ardissino, Diego; Aylward, Philip E; Cannon, Christopher P; Corrales, Marco A Ramos; Held, Claes; Stewart, Ralph A H; Wallentin, Lars; Luis, L; White, Harvey D; Steg, Philippe Gabriel