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3-Oct-2014Differential in vivo expression of mycobacterial antigens in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infected lungs and lymph node tissuesMustafa, Tehmina; Leversen, Nils Anders; Sviland, Lisbet; Wiker, Harald G.
28-Jan-2011Expression Profiling of Major Histocompatibility and Natural Killer Complex Genes Reveals Candidates for Controlling Risk of Graft versus Host DiseaseNovota, Peter; Zinöcker, Severin; Norden, Jean; Wang, Xiao Nong; Sviland, Lisbet; Opitz, Lennart; Salinas-Riester, Gabriela; Rolstad, Bent; Dickinson, Anne M.; Walter, Lutz; Dressel, Ralf
25-Nov-2014Immunocytochemical detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis complex specific antigen, MPT64, improves diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis and tuberculous pleuritisTadele, Agerie; Beyene, Demissew Balcha; Hussein, Jemal; Gemechu, Tuffa; Birhanu, Asaye; Mustafa, Tehmina; Tsegaye, Aster; Aseffa, Abraham; Sviland, Lisbet
25-Sep-2007Immunohistochemical diagnosis of abdominal and lymph node tuberculosis by detecting Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex specific antigen MPT64Purohit, Manju Raj; Mustafa, Tehmina; Wiker, Harald G.; Mørkve, Odd; Sviland, Lisbet
Sep-2003In Situ Expression of CD40, CD40L (CD154), IL-12, TNF-a, IFN-g and TGF-b1 in Murine Lungs during Slowly Progressive Primary TuberculosisMogga, S. J.; Mustafa, Tehmina; Sviland, Lisbet; Nilsen, Rune
Oct-2002Increased Bcl-2 and Reduced Bax Expression in Infected Macrophages in Slowly Progressive Primary Murine Mycobacterium tuberculosis InfectionMogga, S. J.; Mustafa, Tehmina; Sviland, Lisbet; Nilsen, Rune
2010Serodiagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis using a combination of antigensBeyene, Demissew Balcha; Franken, Kees Lumc; Yamuah, Lawrence; Aseffa, Abraham; Wiker, Harald G.; Kolk, Arend; Engers, Howard; Klatser, Paul R.; Sviland, Lisbet