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2006Adrenomedullin and its receptors in the testisLi, YY; Tang, F
2009Adrenomedullin and oviduct function in human and ratsLiao, S; Sun, JZ; Tang, F; Ho, JCM; Chiu, CN; Ng, EHY; Yeung, WSB; Li, RHW
2012Adrenomedullin as a biomarker for tubal ectopic pregnancy: new evidence from adrenomedullin function in the nasal ciliary epitheliumLiao, S; Tang, F; Li, RHW; Ho, JCM; Ng, EHY; Yeung, WSB; Cheung, ANY
2008Adrenomedullin in female reproduction: folliculogenesis, luteogenesis and pregnancyLi, SL; Tang, F
2009Adrenomedullin in rat corpus luteum and its role in steroidogenesis during pregnancyLi, L; Tang, F
2011Adrenomedullin in rat follicles and corpora lutea: Expression, functions and interaction with endothelin-1Tang, F; Li, L
2008Adrenomedullin in the rat testis. I: Its production, actions on testosterone secretion, regulation by human chorionic gonadotropin, and its interaction with endothelin 1 in the Leydig cellChan, YF; Tang, F
2008Adrenomedullin in the rat testis. II: Its production, actions on inhibin secretion, regulation by follicle-stimulating hormone, and its interaction with endothelin 1 in the Sertoli cellChan, YF; Tang, F
2006Adrenomedullin in the rat testis: its production, functions and regulation in sertoli cells and leydig cellsand its interaction with endothelin-1O, WS; Tang, F; Chan, Yuen-fan.; 陳婉芬.
2013Adrenomedullin increased the short-circuit current in the pig oviduct through chloride channels via the CGRP receptor: mediation by cAMP and calcium ions but not by nitric oxideLiao, S; Cheung, MPL; To, JYT; Cheung, KH; Tang, F
2011Adrenomedullin increases ciliary beat frequency and decreases muscular contraction in the rat oviductTang, F; Liao, SB; Ho, JC
2014Adrenomedullin Increases the Short-Circuit Current in the Mouse Seminal Vesicle: Actions on Chloride SecretionLiao, S; Cheung, KH; Tang, F
2014Adrenomedullin increases the short-circuit current in the rat prostate: Receptors, chloride channels, the effects of cAMP and calcium ions and implications on fluid secretionLiao, S; Cheung, KH; Cheung, MPL; Wong, PF; Tang, F
2012Adrenomedullin inhibits norepinephrine-induced contraction of rat seminal vesicleLiao, SB; Tang, F
2006Adrenomedullin peptide: Gene expression of adrenomedullin, its receptors and receptor activity modifying proteins, and receptor binding in rat testis - Actions on testosterone secretionTang, F; Li, YY; Hwang, ISS
2010Adrenomedullin regulates sperm motility and oviductal ciliary beat via cyclic adenosine 5′-monophosphate/protein kinase A and nitric oxideChiu, PCN; Tang, F; Ho, JCM; Ho, PC; Yeung, WSB; Liao, S; Lam, KKW; Yao, YQ
2011Adrenomedullin: distribution in the male accessory sex glands of the rat and the effects of adrenomedullin inthe seminal fluid on the female reproductive tractO, WS; Tang, F; Kong, Hei-man, Lowell; 江希文
2007Age-related changes in adrenomedullin expression and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 activity in the rat lung and their responses to hypoxiaHwang, ISS; Fung, ML; Liong, EC; Tipoe, GL; Tang, F
2007Age-related changes in adrenomedullin expression and hypoxia-inducible factor-1 activity in the rat lung and their responses to hypoxiaFung, ML; Tipoe, GL; Tang, F; Hwang, ISS; Liong, EC
2006Ageing and adrenomedullin in the female reproductive system of the ratLi, YY; Tang, F