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2016 Volume 45 Issue 3 June (12).pdf.jpg2016Adult body mass index and risk of ovarian cancer by subtype : a Mendelian randomization studyDixon, Suzanne C; Nagle, Christina M; Thrift, Aaron P; Pharoah, Paul D P; Pearce, Celeste Leigh; Zheng, Wei
2017 AJG Volume 112 Issue 7 July (16).pdf.jpg2017The Annual Risk of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Does Not Decrease Over Time in Patients With Barrett ’ s EsophagusNguyen, Theresa; Thrift, Aaron P; Yu, Xiaoying; Duan, Zhigang; El-serag, Hashem B
AJoG 2018 Volume 113 Issue 9 September (14).pdf.jpg2018The Association Between Statin Use After Diagnosis and Mortality Risk in Patients With Esophageal Cancer : A Retrospective Cohort Study of United States VeteransNguyen, Theresa; Khan, Anam; Liu, Yan; El-serag, Hashem B; Thrift, Aaron P
2016 COG Volume 32 Issue 4 July (12).pdf.jpg2016Determination of risk for Barrett ’ s esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinomaThrift, Aaron P
2018 AJoE Volume 187 Issue 12 December (14).pdf.jpg2018Diagnostics of Pleiotropy in Mendelian Randomization Studies: Global and Individual Tests for Direct EffectsDai, James Y; Peters, Ulrike; Wang, Xiaoyu; Kocarnik, Jonathan; Chang-Claude, Jenny; Slattery, Martha L; Chan, Andrew; Lemire, Mathieu; Berndt, Sonja I; Casey, Graham; Song, Mingyang; Jenkins, Mark a; Brenner, Hermann; Thrift, Aaron P; White, Emily; Hsu, Li
2016 AJG Volume 111 Issue 11 November (22).pdf.jpg2016Nonsteroidal Anti-Infl ammatory Drug Use is Not Associated With Reduced Risk of Barrett ’ s EsophagusThrift, Aaron P; Anderson, Lesley A; Murray, Liam J; Cook, Michael B; Shaheen, Nicholas J; Rubenstein, Joel H; El-serag, Hashem B; Vaughan, Thomas L; Schneider, Jennifer L; Whiteman, David C; Corley, Douglas A