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2018 JoCEM Volume 103 Issue 4 April (28).pdf.jpg2018Activation in HIVLe, A R T I C; Murphy, Caitlin A; Fitch, Kathleen V; Feldpausch, Meghan; Maehler, Patrick; Wong, Kimberly; Torriani, Martin; Adler, Gail K; Grinspoon, Steven K
2013Assessment of abdominal fat compartments using DXA in premenopausal women from anorexia nervosa to morbid obesityBredella, Miriam A.; Gill, Corey M.; Keating, Leigh K.; Torriani, Martin; Anderson, Ellen J.; Punyanitya, Mark; Wilson, Kevin E.; Kelly, Thomas L.; Miller, Karen K.
2016 AJR Volume 207 Issue 2 August (7).pdf.jpg2016Attenuation MeasurementsUlano, Adam; Bredella, Miriam A; Burke, Patrick; Chebib, Ivan; Simeone, F Joseph; Huang, Ambrose J; Torriani, Martin; Chang, Connie Y; Ulano, A; Ma, Bredella; Burke, P
JoCEM 2018 Volume 103 Issue 11 November (34).pdf.jpg2018Effects of Pitavastatin on Insulin Sensitivity and Liver Fat: A Randomized Clinical TrialLe, A R T I C; Braun, Laurie R; Feldpausch, Meghan N; Czerwonka, Natalia; Weiss, Julian; Branch, Karen; Lee, Hang; Martinez-salazar, Edgar L; Torriani, Martin; Sponseller, Craig A; Grinspoon, Steven K; Stanley, Takara L; Stanley, Orcid T L
2014Effects of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) administration on body composition and cardiovascular risk factors in obese adolescent girlsSlattery, Meghan; Bredella, Miriam A; Stanley, Takara; Torriani, Martin; Misra, Madhusmita
2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 3 March (60).pdf.jpg2016Infected PatientsTorriani, Martin; Srinivasa, Suman; Fitch, Kathleen V; Thomou, Thomas; Wong, Kimberly; Petrow, Eva; Kahn, C Ronald; Cypess, Aaron M; Grinspoon, Steven K
2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 3 March (1).pdf.jpg2016MARCH 2016 • VOLUME 101 • NUMBER 03 FEATURING ... Say hello to once-weekly TANZEUM Indications and Usage for TANZEUM Limitations of Use :Torriani, Martin; Srinivasa, Suman; Grinspoon, Steven K; Schreiner, Felix; Plamper, Michaela; Woelfle, Joachim; Morris, Christopher J; Purvis, Taylor E; Scheer, Frank A J L; Flynn, Aidan; Dwight, Trisha; Tothill, Richard W
2016 JCEM Volume 101 Issue 3 March (48).pdf.jpg2016Metabolic Effects of Long-Term Reduction in Free Fatty Acids With Acipimox in Obesity : A RandomizedMakimura, Hideo; Stanley, Takara L; Suresh, Caroline; Sousa-coelho, Ana Luisa De; Frontera, Walter R; Syu, Stephanie; Braun, Laurie R; Looby, Sara E; Feldpausch, Meghan N; Torriani, Martin; Lee, Hang; Patti, Mary-elizabeth; Grinspoon, Steven K
2018 JoCEM Volume 103 Issue 6 June (37).pdf.jpg2018Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial to Evaluate Effects of Eplerenone on Metabolic and Inflammatory Indices in HIVLe, A R T I C; Srinivasa, Suman; Fitch, Kathleen V; Wong, Kimberly; Malley, Timothy K O; Maehler, Patrick; Branch, Karen L; Looby, Sara E; Burdo, Tricia H; Martinez-salazar, Edgar L; Torriani, Martin; Lyons, Shannon H; Weiss, Julian; Feldpausch, Meghan; Stanley, Takara
617.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Relationship between serum IGF-1 and skeletal muscle IGF-1 mRNA expression to phosphocreatine recovery after exercise in obese men with reduced GHHamarneh, Sulaiman R; Murphy, Caitlin A; Shih, Cynthia W; Frontera, Walter; Torriani, Martin; Irazoqui, Javier E; Makimura, Hideo