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2016 THOR Volume 71 Issue 1 January (1).pdf.jpg2016Contents Volume 71 Issue 1 | THORAX January 2016 Editorials Mental health in cystic fi brosis : turning the tide Respiratory research induced allergic lung infl ammation through endoplasmic reticulum stress What defi nes latent infection with MycobacteriuLee, K S; Jeong, J S; Kim, S R; Cho, S H; Kolliputi, N; Ko, Y H; Lee, K B; Park, S C; Park, H J; Lee, Y C; Sester, M; Kampmann, B; Uk, N Hart; Uk, G Jenkins; Uk, N Rahman; Humbert, M; Ghofrani, H-a
2016 THOR Volume 71 Issue 3 March (1).pdf.jpg2016Contents Volume 71 Issue 3 | THORAX March 2016 Editorials Thorax at 70 Respiratory epidemiology Obese individuals experience wheezing without asthma but not asthma without wheezing : a Mendelian randomisation study of 85 437 adults from the Copenhagen GenÇolak, Y; Afzal, S; Lange, P; Nordestgaard, B G; Uk, N Hart; Uk, G Jenkins; Uk, N Rahman
2016 THOR Volume 71 Issue 4 April (1).pdf.jpg2016Contents Volume 71 Issue 4 | THORAX April 2016 Editorial s Managing acute hypercapnic respiratory failure in adults : where do we need to get to ? Distinct severity stages of obstructive sleep apnoea are correlated with unique dyslipidaemia : large-scaleGuan, J; Yi, H; Zou, J; Meng, L; Tang, X; Zhu, H; Yu, D; Zhou, H; Su, K; Yang, M; Chen, H; Shi, Y; Uk, N Hart; Uk, G Jenkins; Uk, N Rahman
2016 THO Volume 71 Issue 7 July (1).pdf.jpg2016Contents Volume 71 Issue 7 | THORAX July 2016 Editorials First year of the thoracic triumvirate Respiratory epidemiology Per cent emphysema is associated with respiratory and lung cancer mortality in the general population : a cohort study Are welders morHart, N; Jenkins, G; Smyth, A R; Oelsner, E C; Carr, J J; Enright, P L; Smith, B M; Shea, S J; Barr, R G; Coggon, D; Palmer, K T; Uk, N Hart; Uk, G Jenkins; Uk, N Rahman