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2016 AJNLPRP Volume 311 Issue 4 October (13).pdf.jpg20164-PBA improves lithium-induced nephrogenic diabetes insipidus by attenuating ER stressZheng, Peili; Lin, Yu; Wang, Feifei; Luo, Renfei; Zhang, Tiezheng; Hu, Shan; Feng, Pinning; Liang, Xinling; Li, Chunling; Wang, Weidong; Zheng, P; Lin, Y; Wang, F; Luo, R; Zhang, T; Hu, S; Feng, P; Li, C; Wang, W
2016 APRP Volume 310 Issue 11 June (12).pdf.jpg2016Activation of ENaC in collecting duct cells by prorenin and its receptor PRR : involvement of Nox4-derived hydrogen peroxideLu, Xiaohan; Wang, Fei; Liu, Mi; Yang, Kevin T; Nau, Adam; Kohan, Donald E; Reese, Van; Richardson, Russell S; Yang, Tianxin; Lu, X; Wang, F; Liu, M; Kt, Yang; Nau, A; De, Kohan; Reese, V
2004Applications of fractal theory on the flame stability diagnosisZhang, Q-Y; Yan, J-H; Ni, M-J; Wang, F; Ma, Z-Y; Bai, W-D; Lin, B; Cen, K-F
2805.pdf.jpgOct-2015Association of human leukocyte antigen haplotypes with clearance and persistence of hepatitis B virus infection in northeastern ChinaWang, H Y; Wang, F; Cheng, M; Liu, Y; Zhang, S Y
2018 BJBJS Volume 100B Issue 6 June (11).pdf.jpg2018Changes in femoral trochlear morphology following surgical correction of recurrent patellar dislocation associated with trochlear dysplasia in childrenFu, K; Duan, G; Liu, C; Niu, J; Wang, F
478.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Laboratory monitoring of bacterial gastroenteric pathogens Salmonella and Shigella in Shanghai, China 2006-2012Zhang, J; Wang, F; Jin, H; Hu, J; Yuan, Z; Shi, W; Yang, X; Meng, J; Xu, X
2005Neuroactive flavonoids interacting with GABA A receptor complexWang, F; Huen, MSY; Tsang, SY; Xue, H
BJS 2017 Volume 104 Issue 1 January (22).pdf.jpg2017Potential value of routine contralateral patent processus vaginalis repair in children with unilateral inguinal herniaZhao, J; Chen, Y; Lin, J; Jin, Y; Yang, H; Wang, F; Zhong, H; Zhu, J
2016 CEJ Volume 303 November (7).pdf.jpg2016Preparation of carbon nanomaterials using two-group arc discharge plasmaSun, D L; Hong, R Y; Liu, J Y; Wang, F; Wang, Y F
2004Research on application of PCA and SVM to flame monitoringBai, W-D; Yan, J-H; Chi, Y; Wang, F; Ma, Z-Y; Lin, B; Ni, M-J; Cen, K-F
AJNLPRP 2018 Volume 315 Issue 2 August (20).pdf.jpg2018Salvianolic acid A ameliorates renal ischemia / reperfusion injury by activating Akt / mTOR / 4EBP1 signaling pathwaySong, Ying; Liu, Weihai; Ding, Yi; Jia, Yanyan; Zhao, Jinyi; Wang, Fan; Bai, Juan; Cheng, Lianghua; Gao, Kai; Liu, Meiyou; Yao, Minna; Li, Liang; Zhang, Yanmin; Wen, Aidong; He, Langchong; Song, Y; Liu, W; Ding, Y; Jia, Y; Zhao, J; Wang, F; Bai, J; Gao, K; Liu, M; Yao, M; Li, L; Z
AJNLPRP 2017 Volume 312 Issue 2 February (1).pdf.jpg2017Transport Proteins as Regulators of Blood Pressure Collecting duct ( pro ) renin receptor targets ENaC to mediate angiotensin II-induced hypertensionPeng, Kexin; Lu, Xiaohan; Wang, Fei; Nau, Adam; Chen, Ren; Zhou, Shu-feng; Yang, Tianxin; Peng, K; Lu, X; Wang, F; Nau, A; Chen, R; Sf, Zhou; Yang, T
2004Treatment of missing data in the real-time combustion diagnosis systemZhang, Q-Y; Yan, J-H; Ni, M-J; Wang, F; Ma, Z-Y; Bai, W-D; Lin, B; Cen, K-F
2016JU Volume 196 Issue 3 September (30).pdf.jpg2016Urological Survey Urological Oncology : Prostate Cancer Re : Racial Differences in the Surgical Care of Medicare Beneficiaries withPenson, D F; Armstrong, A J; Concepcion, R; Agarwal, N; Olsson, C; Karsh, L; Dunshee, C; Wang, F; Wu, K; Krivoshik, A; Phung, D; Higano, C S
2017 BJoS Volume 104 Issue 9 August (17).pdf.jpg2017Validation of a nomogram for selecting patients for chemotherapy after D2 gastrectomy for cancerWang, Z; Li, G; Zhou, Z; Huang, Z; Wang, F; Xu, R