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2000Cytokine-induced Src homology 2 protein (CIS) promotes T cell receptor-mediated proliferation and prolongs survival of activated T cellsChen, S; Xu, X; Sundstedt, A; Paulsson, KM; Anderson, P; Karlsson, S; Sjögren, HO; Wang, P
2008Early growth response gene 2 (Egr-2) controls the self-tolerance of T cells and prevents the development of lupuslike autoimmune diseaseSymonds, ALJ; Martin, JE; Kioussis, D; Wraith, DC; Li, S; Wang, P
2017 TransplantProceeding Volume 49 Issue 6 July-August (9).pdf.jpg2017Effect of HLA Matching on Pediatric Renal Transplant Graft Survival in ChinaZhao, H; Lai, X; Lu, J; Lin, Y; Wang, P; Zhu, L; Wu, L; Xiao, Z; Wang, Q; Tan, J
2017 JDR Volume 96 Issue 1 January (9).pdf.jpg2017Effect of Residual Bacteria on the Outcome of Pulp Regeneration In VivoVerma, P; Nosrat, A; Kim, J R; Price, J B; Wang, P; Bair, E; Xu, H H; Fouad, A F
2009GLK transcription factors coordinate expression of the photosynthetic apparatus in ArabidopsisWaters, MT; Wang, P; Korkaric, M; Capper, RG; Saunders, NJ; Langdale, JA
2016 AJNLPCIP Volume 311 Issue 1 July (1).pdf.jpg2016Impact of high-fat , low-carbohydrate diet on myocardial substrate oxidation , insulin sensitivity , and cardiac function after ischemia-reperfusionLiu, Jian; Wang, Peipei; Douglas, Samuel L; Tate, Joshua M; Sham, Simon; Lloyd, Steven G; Liu, J; Wang, P; Sl, Douglas; Jm, Tate; Sham, S; Impact, Lloyd S G
2013Kif5b controls the localization of myofibril components for their assembly and linkage to the myotendinous junctionsWang, Z; Cui, J; Wong, WM; Li, X; Xue, W; Lin, R; Wang, J; Wang, P; Tanner, JA; Cheah, KSE; Wu, W; Huang, J
2014Modulation of antigen-specific T-cells as immune therapy for chronic infectious diseases and cancerLi, S; Symonds, ALJ; Miao, T; Sanderson, I; Wang, P
2006Persistent antigenic stimulation alters the transcription program in T cells, resulting in antigen-specific tolerance.Anderson, PO; Manzo, BA; Sundstedt, A; Minaee, S; Symonds, A; Khalid, S; Rodriguez-Cabezas, ME; Nicolson, K; Li, S; Wraith, DC; Wang, P
2013ProteoMirExpress: inferring microRNA-centered regulatory networks from high-throughput proteomic and transcriptome dataQin, J; Wang, P; Li, MJ; Zhang, MQ; Wong, MP; Wong, NS; Xia, Z; Tsao, GSW; Wang, JJ
2012The transcription factors Egr2 and Egr3 are essential for the control of inflammation and antigen-induced proliferation of B and T cellsLi, S; Miao, T; Sebastian, M; Bhullar, P; Ghaffari, E; Liu, M; Symonds, ALJ; Wang, P