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2016 AJNLGLP Volume 311 Issue 2 August (9).pdf.jpg2016Activation of bile acid signaling improves metabolic phenotypes in high-fat diet-induced obese micePierre, Joseph F; Martinez, Kristina B; Ye, Honggang; Nadimpalli, Anuradha; Morton, Timothy C; Yang, Jinghui; Wang, Qiang; Patno, Noelle; Chang, Eugene B; Yin, Deng Ping; Jf, Pierre; Kb, Martinez; Ye, H; Nadimpalli, A; Tc, Morton; Wang, Q; Patno, N; Eb, Chang; Dp, Yin
2005Amplification and overexpression of Aurora kinase A (AURKA) in immortalized human ovarian epithelial (HOSE) cellsGuan, XY; Cheung, ALM; Tsao, SW; Chung, CM; Man, C; Jin, Y; Jin, C; Wang, Q; Wan, TSK
2006Anti-apoptotic role of BARF1 in gastric cancer cellsWang, Q; Tsao, SW; Ooka, T; Nicholls, JM; Cheung, HW; Fu, S; Wong, YC; Wang, X
2007Anti-apoptotic role of TWIST and its association with Akt pathway in mediating taxol resistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cellsLing, MT; Wong, YC; Zhang, X; Wang, Q; Leung, SCL; Wang, X
2006Assignment of the absolute configuration of (-)-linarinic acid by theoretical calculation and asymmetric total synthesisCheng, M; Li, Q; Lin, B; Sha, Y; Ren, J; He, Y; Wang, Q; Hua, H; Ruud, K
2004Down-regulation and promoter methylation of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 3 in choriocarcinomaFeng, H; Cheung, ANY; Xue, WC; Wang, Y; Wang, X; Fu, S; Wang, Q; Ngan, HYS; Tsao, SW
2017 TransplantProceeding Volume 49 Issue 6 July-August (9).pdf.jpg2017Effect of HLA Matching on Pediatric Renal Transplant Graft Survival in ChinaZhao, H; Lai, X; Lu, J; Lin, Y; Wang, P; Zhu, L; Wu, L; Xiao, Z; Wang, Q; Tan, J
2005Effect of MAD2 expression on chemosensitivity to DNA damaging agent cisplatin in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells.Cheung, HW; Jin, D; Wong, YC; Wang, Q; Tsao, GSW; Ling, MT; Wang, X
27.pdf.jpgJul-2015Efficacy of an opposite position aspiration on resolution of pneumothorax following CT-guided lung biopsyZeng, L-C; Du, Y; Yang, H-F; Xie, M-G; Liao, H-Q; Zhang, Y-D; Li, L; Wang, Q; Hu, L; Xu, X-X
2017 EPIDEMIOLOGY_INFECTION Volume 145 Issue 10 July (9).pdf.jpg2017Epidemiology and whole genome sequencing of an ongoing point-source Salmonella Agona outbreak associated with sushi consumption in western Sydney , Australia 2015Thompson, C K; Wang, Q; Bag, S K; Franklin, N
2005Epigenetic inactivation of CHFR in nasopharyngeal carcinoma through promoter methylationCheung, HW; Ching, YP; Nicholls, JM; Ling, MT; Wong, YC; Hui, N; Cheung, A; Tsao, SW; Wang, Q; Yeun, PW; Lo, KW; Jin, DY; Wang, X
2004Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1) upregulates Id1 expression in nasopharyngeal epithelial cellsLi, HM; Zhuang, Zh; Wang, Q; Pang, JCS; Wang, XH; Wong, HL; Feng, HC; Jin, DY; Ling, MT; Wong, YC; Eliopoulos, AG; Young, LS; Huang, DP; Tsao, SW
2004Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 (LMP1) upregulates Id1 expression in nasopharyngeal epithelial cellsLi, HM; Zhuang, Z; Wang, Q; Wong, HL; Feng, H; Ling, MT; Wong, YC; Eliopoulos, AG; Young, LS; Huang, DP; Tsao, GSW; Jin, DY; Wang, X
2017 BJoBJS Volume 99B Issue 7 July (5).pdf.jpg2017Equalisation of leg lengths in total hip arthroplasty for patients with Crowe type-IV developmental dysplasia of the hip CLASSIFICATION AND MANAGEMENTLi, Y; Zhang, X; Wang, Q; Peng, X; Wang, Q; Jiang, Y; Chen, Y
2005Functional analysis of the Epstein-Barr virus LMP1 variants isolated from nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Hong KongWang, Q; Yip, YL; Man, CWY; Smith, D; Wu, Z; Tsao, GSW
2005Human MAD2B is essential for mutagenic DNA damage tolerance homolgous recombination and maintenance of genome stability.Cheung, HW; Wang, Q; Wong, YC; Tsao, GSW; Ling, MT; Wang, X
2007Identification of a novel Inhibitor of Differentiation-1 (ID-1) binding partner, caveolin-1, and its role in epithelial-mesenchymal transition and resistance to apoptosis in prostate cancer cellsLing, MT; Lee, TK; Cheung, ALM; Wong, YC; Zhang, X; Wang, Q; Lau, CK; Leung, SCL; Wang, X
2006Inactivation of human MAD2b in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells leads to chemosensitization to DNA-damaging agentsDeng, W; Guan, XY; Nicholls, JM; Ling, MT; Yong, CW; Sai, WT; Jin, DY; Cheung, HW; Chun, ACS; Wang, Q; Hu, L; Wang, X
AJNLPRP 2018 Volume 315 Issue 4 October (35).pdf.jpg2018Inflammation and Inflammatory Mediators in Kidney Disease Expression of soluble epoxide hydrolase in renal tubular epithelial cells regulates macrophage infiltration and polarization in IgA nephropathyWang, Qian; Liang, Yan; Qiao, Yingjin; Zhao, Xiangya; Yang, Yi; Yang, Shengnan; Li, Bing; Zhao, Qianru; Dong, Ling; Quan, Songxia; Tian, Rui; Liu, Zhangsuo; Wang, Q; Liang, Y; Qiao, Y; Zhao, X; Yang, Y; Yang, S; Li, B; Dong, L; Quan, S; Tian, R; Expression, Liu Z
2016 AJNLPCP Volume 310 Issue 3 February (5).pdf.jpg2016Liver X receptor- ␣ and miR-130a-3p regulate expression of sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor 2 in human umbilical vein endothelial cellsFan, Aihui; Wang, Qian; Yuan, Yongjun; Cheng, Jilun; Chen, Lixian; Guo, Xiaohua; Li, Qiang; Chen, Bo; Huang, Xuliang; Huang, Qiaobing; Fan, A; Wang, Q; Yuan, Y; Cheng, J; Chen, L; Guo, X; Li, Q; Chen, B