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16-Mar-2011Determining molecular mechanisms of DNA Non-Homologous End Joining proteinsWek, Ronald C.; Turchi, John; Lee, Suk-Hee; Takagi, Yuichiro; Pawelczak, Katherine S.
16-Mar-2012DIFFERENTIAL ROLE OF PI-3KINASE p85 (α & β) REGULATORY SUBUNITS IN MAST CELL DEVELOPMENTKapur, Reuben; Wek, Ronald C.; Quilliam, Lawrence; Mooney, Sean D.; Krishnan, Subha
2014Identification and characterization of molecular modulators of methylmercury-induced toxicity and dopamine neuron degeneration in Caenorhabditis elegansNass, Richard M.; Atchison, William D.; Brustovetsky, Nickolay; Cummins, Theodore R.; Sullivan Jr., William J.; Wek, Ronald C.; VanDuyn, Natalia M.
2014Inhibiting protein clearance to induce cell death in tuberous sclerosis and pancreatic cancerQuilliam, Lawrence; Atkinson, Simon; Wek, Ronald C.; Zhang, Jian-Ting; Hendricks, Jeremiah William
-Integration of general amino acid control and TOR regulatory pathways in yeastWek, Ronald C.; Edenberg, Howard J.; Roach, Peter J.; Bard, Martin; Staschke, Kirk Alan
11-Jul-2014mTOR regulates Aurora A via enhancing protein stabilityQuilliam, Lawrence; Atkinson, Simon; Goebl, Mark G.; Harrington, Maureen A.; Wek, Ronald C.; Fan, Li
3-Jan-2014mTORC1 contributes to ER stress induced cell deathQuilliam, Lawrence; Atkinson, Simon; Nakshatri, Harikrishna; Wek, Ronald C.; Babcock, Justin Thomas
11-Dec-2012REGULATION OF CHOP TRANSLATION IN RESPONSE TO eIF2 PHOSPHORYLATION AND ITS ROLE IN CELL FATEWek, Ronald C.; Herring, Brian P.; Harris, Robert A. (Robert Allison), 1939-; Skalnik, David G.; Palam, Lakshmi Reddy
2009STRUCTURE-FUNCTION ANALYSIS OF CXXC FINGER PROTEIN 1Skalnik, David Gordon; Bigsby, Robert M.; Dynlacht, Joseph R.; Wek, Ronald C.; Tate, Courtney Marie
7-Jul-2014The inhibition of mammary epithelial cell growth by the long isoform of AngiomotinHarrington, Maureen A.; Nakshatri, Harikrishna; Wek, Ronald C.; Wells, Clark D.; Adler, Jacob J.
29-Jan-2014The integrated stress response directs cell fate decisions in response to perturbations in protein homeostasisWek, Ronald C.; Bard, Martin; Quilliam, Lawrence; Wells, Clark D.; Teske, Brian Frederick
10-Mar-2011THE MECHANISMS REGULATING THE TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR ATF5 AND ITS FUNCTION IN THE INTEGRATED STRESS RESPONSEWek, Ronald C.; Harris, Robert A. (Robert Allison), 1939-; Quilliam, Lawrence; Morral, Nuria; Zhou, Donghui
12-Mar-2014The oncogenic properties of Amot80 in mammary epitheliaWells, Clark D.; Herbert, Brittney-Shea; Quilliam, Lawrence; Wek, Ronald C.; Ranahan, William P.
11-Jul-2014The role of acid sphingomyelinase in autophagyPetrache, Irina; Blum, Janice Sherry, 1957-; Wek, Ronald C.; Justice, Matthew Jose
3-Jan-2014The role of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase in glucose and ketone body metabolismHarris, Robert A. (Robert Allison), 1939-; Considine, Robert V.; Roach, Peter J.; Wek, Ronald C.; Rahimi, Yasmeen
7-Jul-2014The role of the CTD phosphatase Rrt1 and post-translational modifications in regulation of RNA polymerase IIGoebl, Mark G.; Mosley, Amber L.; Wek, Ronald C.; Cox, Mary L.
2014Transcription regulation of the class II alcohol dehydrogenase 7 (ADH7)Edenberg, Howard J.; Herring, B. Paul; Skalnik, David Gordon; Wek, Ronald C.; Jairam, Sowmya
29-Oct-2012Transcriptional regulation of ATF4 is critical for controlling the Integrated Stress Response during eIF2 phosphorylationWek, Ronald C.; Edenberg, Howard J.; Gallagher, Patricia; Turchi, John J.; Dey, Souvik
2014Transfer of intracellular HIV Nef to endothelium causes endothelial dysfunctionPelus, Louis; Clauss, Matthias A.; Yu, Andy; Dent, Alexander L.; Wek, Ronald C.; Wang, Ting