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2016 Lancet Volume 387 Issue 10034 June (4).pdf.jpg2016France : nation and world 2 State humanitarian verticalism versus universal health coverage : a century of French internationalAtlani-duault, Laëtitia; Dozon, Jean-pierre; Wilson, Andrew; Delfraissy, Jean-françois; Moatti, Jean-paul; École, Ehess; De, Maison Sciences
2016 WHOP Volume 26 Issue 1 January-February (7).pdf.jpg2016Gender Differences in Presentation , Coronary Intervention , and Outcomes of 28 , 985 Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients inWorrall-carter, Linda; Prelim, Med; Mcevedy, Samantha; Wilson, Andrew; Rahman, Muhammad Aziz
2016 WHOP Volume 26 Issue 1 January-February (4).pdf.jpg2016Policy Matters 6 Access to Workplace Accommodations to Support Breastfeeding after Passage of the Affordable Care ActSalganicoff, Alina; Sobel, Laurie; Kozhimannil, Katy B; Jou, Judy; Gjerdingen, Dwenda K; Mcgovern, Patricia M; Worrall-carter, Linda; Mcevedy, Samantha; Wilson, Andrew; Rahman, Muhammad Aziz; Perkins, Rebecca B; Handal-orefice, Roxane; Hanchate, Amresh D; Lin, Mengyun
2018 NEJM Volume 378 Issue 10 March (17).pdf.jpg2018Quadrupling Inhaled Glucocorticoid Dose to Abort Asthma ExacerbationsMckeever, Tricia; Ph, D; Mortimer, Kevin; Ph, D; Wilson, Andrew; Walker, Samantha; Ph, D; Brightling, Christopher; Ph, D; Skeggs, Andrew; Sc, B; Pavord, Ian; Sci, F Med; Price, David; Duley, Lelia; Thomas, Mike; Ph, D; Bradshaw, Lucy; Sc, M; Higgins, Bernard; Ph, D; Haydock,
2017 JSM Volume 14 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2017Quality of Life and Psychosocial Well-Being in Youth With Neuromuscular Disorders Who Are Wheelchair Users: A Systematic ReviewTravlos, Vivienne; Patman, Shane; Wilson, Andrew; Simcock, Gail; Downs, Jenny
609.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2015Usefulness of retinal microvascular endothelial dysfunction as a predictor of coronary artery diseaseAl-Fiadh, Ali H; Wong, Tien Y; Kawasaki, Ryo; Clark, David J; Patel, Sheila K; Freeman, Melanie; Wilson, Andrew; Burrell, Louise M; Farouque, Omar
2017 RO Volume 123 Issue 1 April (26).pdf.jpg2017Using Practice-Based Evidence to Improve Supportive Care Practices to Reduce Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections in a Pediatric Oncology Unit.Linder, Lauri a; Gerdy, Cheryl; Abouzelof, Rouett; Wilson, Andrew