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2016 JHM Volume 314 August (14).pdf.jpg2016Behaviour of I / Br / Cl-THMs and their projected toxicities under simulated cooking conditions : Effects of heating , table salt and residual chlorineYan, Mingquan; Li, Mingyang; Han, Xuze
2018 WaterResearch Volume 139 August (12).pdf.jpg2018Differential UV e vis absorbance can characterize the reaction of organic matter with ClO 2Huang, Sirong; Gan, Wenhui; Yan, Mingquan; Zhang, Xinran; Zhong, Yu
WaterResearch 2018 Volume 144 November (22).pdf.jpg2018Dissolved organic matter binding with Pb ( II ) as characterized by differential spectra and 2D UV e FTIR heterospectral correlation analysisXu, Huacheng; Yan, Mingquan; Li, Wentao; Jiang, Helong; Guo, Laodong
47.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2015Effects of calcium on the chromophores of dissolved organic matter and their interactions with copperGao, Yuan; Yan, Mingquan; Korshin, Gregory
2018 WaterResearch Volume 136 June (8).pdf.jpg2018Electrochemical reductive dehalogenation of iodine-containing contrast agent pharmaceuticals : Examination of reactions of diatrizoate and iopamidol using the method of rotating ring-disc electrode ( RRDE )Yan, Mingquan; Chen, Zhanghao; Li, Na; Zhou, Yuxuan; Zhang, Chenyang; Korshin, Gregory
2016 WRE Volume 93 April (17).pdf.jpg2016Examination of effects of Cu ( II ) and Cr ( III ) on Al ( III ) binding by dissolved organic matter using absorbance spectroscopyYan, Mingquan; Ma, Jing; Ji, Guodong
WaterResearch 2018 Volume 145 November (46).pdf.jpg2018In fl uence of ultrasound on the properties of dissolved organic matter with regards to proton and metal ion binding moietiesLiu, Hailong; Chen, Guohao; Liu, Lei; Yan, Mingquan
2017 WaterResearch Volume 124 Issue  November (61).pdf.jpg2017Investigating the features in differential absorbance spectra of NOM associated with metal ion binding : A comparison of experimental data and TD-DFT calculations for model compoundsYan, Mingquan; Han, Xuze; Zhang, Chenyang
449.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2015Spectroscopic examination of effects of iodide on the chloramination of natural organic matterHe, Sixuan; Yan, Mingquan; Korshin, Gregory V