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2016 BMCPUB Volume 16 Issue 1 (77).pdf.jpg2016Auditing the socio-environmental determinants of motivation towards physical activity or sedentariness in work-aged adults: a qualitative studyKeegan, Richard; Middleton, Geoff; Henderson, Hannah; Girling, Mica; Dumith, Sc; Hallal, Pc; Reis, Rs; Kohl, Hw; Kohl, Hw; Craig, Cl; Lambert, Ev; Zhang, J; Chaaban, J; Carlson, Sa; Fulton, Je; Pratt, M; Yang, Z; Adams, Ek; Yee, Sl; Williams-Piehota, P; Sorensen, a; Roussel,
2016 AJNLPCP Volume 311 Issue 3 September (3).pdf.jpg2016Cellular Responses to Hypoxia Bortezomib alleviates experimental pulmonary hypertension by regulating intracellular calcium homeostasis in PASMCsZhang, Jun; Lu, Wenju; Chen, Yuqin; Jiang, Qian; Yang, Kai; Li, Meichan; Wang, Ziyi; Duan, Xin; Xu, Lei; Tang, Haiyang; Sun, Dejun; Wang, Jian; Zhang, J; Lu, W; Chen, Y; Jiang, Q; Yang, K; Li, M; Wang, Z; Xu, L; Tang, H; Sun, D; Bortezomib, Wang J
2006Characterization of LiNi2 / 3Mn1 / 3O2 prepared from NiMn layered double hydroxideZhang, X; Wen, Z; Zhu, X; Lin, B; Huang, S; Zhang, J
TP 2017 Volume 49 Issue 1 January-February (45).pdf.jpg2017Chemotherapy for De Novo Gastric Adenocarcinoma After Deceased Orthotopic Liver Transplantation: A Case ReportZhang, J; Zhou, S; Wang, H; Ren, H; Sun, Y; Liu, Z
UiOG 2018 Volume 52 Issue 2 August (17).pdf.jpg2018Clinical application of targeted next-generation sequencing in fetuses with congenital heart defectHu, P; Qiao, F; Wang, Y; Meng, L; Ji, X; Luo, C; Xu, T; Zhou, R; Zhang, J; Yu, B; Wang, L; Wang, T; Pan, Q; Ma, D; Liang, D; Xu, Z
2016 AJBS Volume 98 Issue 11 June (6).pdf.jpg2016Corrective Surgery for Congenital ScoliosisShen, J; Zhang, J; Feng, F; Wang, Y; Qiu, G; Li, Z
2017 AJNLPRP Volume 313 Issue 2 August (21).pdf.jpg2017Cross-sex transplantation alters gene expression and enhances inflammatory response in the transplanted kidneysWang, Lei; Song, Jiangping; Wang, Shaohui; Buggs, Jacentha; Chen, Rongjun; Zhang, Jie; Wang, Liqing; Rong, Song; Li, Wenbin; Wei, Jin; Liu, Ruisheng; Wang, L; Song, J; Wang, S; Buggs, J; Chen, R; Zhang, J; Wang, L; Rong, S; Li, W; Wei, J; Cross-sex, Liu R
2016 AJRCCM Volume 193 Issue 4 February (16).pdf.jpg2016Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Function in Airway Smooth Muscle A Novel Role in Cystic Fibrosis Airway Obstruction Seeking an Accurate , Point-of-Contact Diagnostic Test for Bacterial Pneumonia In settings in which the availability ofYamamoto, T; Kajikawa, O; Tr, Martin; Sr, Sharar; Jm, Harlan; Rk, Winn; Ye, P; Fh, Rodriguez; Kanaly, S; Kl, Stocking; Schurr, J; Oliver, P; Huang, W; Zhang, P; Zhang, J; Denizot, F; Ctla-, Golstein P; Muir, R; Osbourn, M; Av, Dubois; Doran, E; Dm, Small; Monahan, A
2004Delayed implantation of a peripheral nerve graft reduces motoneuron survival but does not affect regeneration following spinal root avulsion in adult ratsWu, W; Chai, H; Zhang, J; Gu, H; Xie, Y; Zhou, L
2017 TransplantProceeding Volume 49 Issue 8 October (47).pdf.jpg2017Demographic Characteristics of Voluntary Donors Registered in Beijing Tongren Hospital Eye Bank of China: A Retrospective Study From 2007 to 2016Liu, Y; Zhang, Y N; Liu, Y; Zhang, J; Li, A P; Liang, Q F; Pan, Z Q
2017 TransplantProceeding Volume 49 Issue 8 October (45).pdf.jpg2017Effect of Preoperative Growth Status on Clinical Outcomes After Living-Donor Liver Transplantation in InfantsLu, Y; Xia, Q; Yang, Y; Wan, P; Hou, J; Wang, Y; Qiu, B; Feng, M; He, K; Huang, M; Ren, X; Gao, L; Zhang, J
2016 BJA Volume 117 Issue 1 July (24).pdf.jpg2016Effects of stellate ganglion block on cerebrovascular vasodilation in elderly patients and patients with subarachnoid haemorrhage Comparison of high and low pillow heights for tracheal tube intubation with the Pentax-AWS Airwayscope : a prospective randoNie, Y; Song, R; Chen, W; Qin, Z; Zhang, J; Tang, J
2009Effects of the gas flow rate on the ionic conductivity of CaZr 0.95In0.05O3-δ ceramicsHan, J; Wen, Z; Lin, B; Wu, X; Zhang, J
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 1 January (18).pdf.jpg2016Epidemiological characteristics and in fl uential factors of hand , foot and mouth disease ( HFMD ) reinfection in children in Anhui provinceChen, G; Wu, J; Wang, J; Pan, H; Zhang, J; Shi, Y
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 4 March (3).pdf.jpg2016Epidemiology and risk factors for faecal extended-spectrum β -lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae ( ESBL-E ) carriage derived from residents of seven nursing homes in western Shanghai , ChinaZhao, S; Zhang, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y; Xiao, S
2016 TP Volume 48 Issue 1 January-February (54).pdf.jpg2016Erythropoietin Receptor Activation Protects the Kidney From Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induced Apoptosis by Activating ERK/p53 Signal PathwayZhang, J; Wang, J; Peng, L; Wang, L
2016 TP Volume 48 Issue 1 January-February (13).pdf.jpg2016Evolutionary Time Earlier Than That of Isolates From European MinipigsOuyang, K; Zhong, H; Bai, A; Qin, S; Chen, F; Lin, J; Cao, Y; Zhang, J; Wu, J
392.pdf.jpgSep-2015Five algorithms that calculate cardiac output from the arterial waveform: a comparison with Doppler ultrasoundZhang, J; Critchley, L A H; Huang, L
2017 TransplantProceeding Volume 49 Issue 7 September (12).pdf.jpg2017Hepatic Artery Reconstruction Using 3-in-1 Segmental Resection in Pediatric Living Donor Liver Transplantation: A Case Report and Literature ReviewLuo, Y; Zhao, D; Zhang, M; Zhou, T; Qiu, B; Zhang, J; Xia, Q
2017 BJOG Volume 124 Issue 10 September (41).pdf.jpg2017Hysteroscopic excision of symptomatic myometrial adenomyosis: feasibility and effectivenessXia, W; Zhang, D; Zhu, Q; Zhang, H; Yang, S; Ma, J; Pan, H; Tong, T; Sun, J; Zhang, J