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2012Aggregation of endoplasmic reticulum triggered slective autophagic degradation in primary cultures of rat hippocampal neurons stressed by oligomeric AβZhang, Q; Hung, HL; Ho, YS; Wuwongse, S; Chang, RCC
2011Aggregation of the endoplasmic reticulum triggered by oligomeric Ab could facilitate formation of autophagosomesZhang, Q; Hung, HL; Ho, YS; Wuwongse, S; Chang, RCC
2011Amyloid beta and corticosterone-mediated synaptic dysfunctionWuwongse, S; Hung, HL; Zhang, Q; Ho, YS; Law, ACK; Chang, RCC
AJNLPCIRP 2017 Volume 312 Issue 3 March (9).pdf.jpg2017Association of serum HMGB2 level with MACE at 1 mo of myocardial infarction : Aggravation of myocardial ischemic injury in rats by HMGB2Liu, Zhu Hui; Dai, Dao Peng; Ding, Feng Hua; Pan, Wen Qi; Fang, Yue Hua; Zhang, Qi; Li, Man; Yang, Ping; Wang, Xiao Qun; Shen, Ying; Wang, Ling Jie; Yan, Xiao Xiang; He, Yu Hu; Yang, Ke; Zhang, Rui Yan; Shen, Wei Feng; Chen, Ying; Lu, Lin; Zh, Liu; Dp, Dai; Fh, Ding; Wq, Pan; Yh, Fang; Zhang, Q; Li, M; Yang, P; Xq, Wang; Shen, Y; Lj, Wang; Xx, Yan; Yh, He; Yang, K; Ry, Zhang; Wf, Shen; Chen, Y; Association, Lu L
2017 BJD Volume 177 Supplement 1 July (17).pdf.jpg2017British Society for Paediatric Dermatology and British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology joint session OralsCork, M J; Thac, D; Davis, J D; Zhang, Q; Akinlade, B; Pirozzi, G; Bansal, A
2016 AJBJS Volume 98 Issue 1 January (8).pdf.jpg2016Changes in Muscle Oxygen Saturation Have LowRennerfelt, K; Zhang, Q; Karlsson, J; Styf, J
2013Characterizing the Morphological Changes and Dynamic of Mitochondria in Neurons after Exposure to ß-amyloid PeptideHung, CHL; Zhang, Q; Ho, YS; Chang, RCC
2017 EJN Volume 24 Issue 1 January (33).pdf.jpg2017Comparisons of the efficacy and tolerability of mycophenolate mofetil and azathioprine as treatments for neuromyelitis optica and neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorderChen, H; Qiu, W; Zhang, Q; Wang, J; Shi, Z; Liu, J; Lian, Z; Feng, H; Miao, X; Zhou, H
2012Early dynamic changes of mitochondrial morphology in hippocampal neurons in response to β-amyloidHung, HL; Wuwongse, S; Zhang, Q; Ho, YS; Chang, RCC
2011Effects of corticosterone on cytoskeleton in dendrites and dendritic spinesWong, GTH; Wuwongse, S; Hung, HL; Zhang, Q; Ho, YS; Law, ACK; Chang, RCC
2011Endoplasmic reticulum stress and phosphorylation of Tau protein: how can they reinforce the progression of Alzheimer's disease?Ho, YS; Yang, X; Lau, CF; Hung, HL; Wuwongse, S; Zhang, Q; Chang, RCC
2012Endoplasmic reticulum stress induces tau pathology and forms a vicious cycle: Implication in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesisHo, YS; Yang, X; Lau, JCF; Hung, CHL; Wuwongse, S; Zhang, Q; Wang, J; Baum, L; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2011Endoplasmic reticulum stress induces Tau pathology and forms vicious cycle in pathogenesis of Alzheimer's diseaseHo, YS; Yang, X; Lau, CF; Hung, HL; Wuwongse, S; Zhang, Q; Chang, RCC
2009Formation of autophagic vacuoles and lysosomes as a pathological consequence of endoplasmic reticulum collapsePreisler, J; Cheung, YT; Zhang, Q; Baum, L; Chang, RCC; Lai, SW
2011How do endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria respond when neurons are in the emergency room?Zhang, Q; Hung, HL; Wuwongse, S; Ho, YS; Chang, RCC
2017 OJAAOphthalmology Volume 124 Issue 9 September (4).pdf.jpg2017The influence of age at menarche , menstrual cycle length and bleeding duration on time to pregnancy : a large prospective cohort study among rural Chinese womenZhang, Q; Wang, Y Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, H G; Yang, Y; He, Y; Xu, J H; Zhao, J; Peng, Z Q; Ma, X
WR 2017 Volume 108 January (8).pdf.jpg2017Intensi fi ed nitrate and phosphorus removal in an electrolysis -integrated horizontal subsurface- fl ow constructed wetlandGao, Y; Xie, Y W; Zhang, Q; Wang, A L; Yu, Y X; Yang, L Y
2010Investigating the temporal transition of autophagy and apoptosis in neurons stressed by low molecular weight beta-amyloid peptide toxicityCheung, YT; Zhang, Q; Hung, HL; Yu, MS; Lai, SW; So, KF; Chang, RCC
2010Low molecular weight Aβ induces autophagosome accumulation via endoplasmic reticulum aggregationZhang, Q; Cheung, YT; Ho, YS; Chang, RCC
2011Mechanisms of cell death in Alzheimer's DiseaseZhang, Q; Hung, HL; Wuwongse, S; Ho, YS; Chang, R