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2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 7 May (21).pdf.jpg2016Assessment of the severity of Ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone in 2014 – 2015Wong, J Y; Zhang, W; Kargbo, D; Haque, U; Hu, W; Wu, P
2018 AJNLPRP Volume 314 Issue 2 February (3).pdf.jpg2018Caspase-11 promotes cisplatin-induced renal tubular apoptosis through a caspase-3-dependent pathwayMiao, Naijun; Wang, Bao; Xu, Dan; Wang, Yanzhe; Gan, Xinxin; Zhou, Li; Xue, Hong; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Xiaoxia; Lu, Limin; Miao, N; Wang, B; Xu, D; Wang, Y; Gan, X; Zhou, L; Xue, H; Zhang, W; Wang, X; Caspase-, Lu L
19.pdf.jpgMar-2015Clinical observation of the adverse drug reactions caused by non-ionic iodinated contrast media: results from 109,255 cases who underwent enhanced CT examination in Chongqing, ChinaLi, X; Chen, J; Zhang, L; Liu, H; Wang, S; Chen, X; Fang, J; Wang, S; Zhang, W
2010Co-expression of GAP-43 and nNOS in avulsed motoneurons and their potential role for motoneuron regenerationYuan, Q; Hu, B; Chu, TH; Su, H; Zhang, W; So, KF; Lin, Z; Wu, W
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 16 December (1).pdf.jpg2016crAssphage is not associated with diarrhoea and has high genetic diversityLiang, Y Y; Zhang, W; Tong, Y G; Chen, S P
2018 AJNLPCIRP Volume 314 Issue 3 March (2).pdf.jpg2018Differential cardiac hypertrophy and signaling pathways in pressure versus volume overloadYou, Jieyun; Wu, Jian; Zhang, Qi; Ye, Yong; Wang, Shijun; Huang, Jiayuan; Liu, Haibo; Wang, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Weijing; Bu, Liping; Li, Jiming; Lin, Li; Ge, Junbo; Zou, Yunzeng; You, J; Wu, J; Zhang, Q; Ye, Y; Wang, S; Huang, J; Liu, H; Zhang, W; Bu, L; Li, J; Lin, L; Ge, J; Differen
2006Effect of co-transplantation of modified Schwann cells and neural stem cells on remyelination after completely transected spinal cord injuryZhang, X; Zeng, YS; Zhang, W; Wang, JM; Wu, W
2013Epigenetic regulation of pluripotent genes mediates stem cell features in human hepatocellular carcinoma and cancer cell linesWang, X; Ng, RK; Ming, X; Zhang, W; Chen, L; Chu, ACY; Pang, RWC; Lo, CM; Tsao, GSW; Liu, X; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST
2017 OSOMOPOR Volume 124 Issue 1 July (43).pdf.jpg2017IMAGING QUALITY AND RADIATION SAFETY EVALUATION OF DIFFERENT HANDHELD INTRAORAL X-RAY UNITSZhang, W; Warner, B; Miller, M; Sutton, J; Gutiérrez, J
2010Implantation of adult bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells transfected with the neurotrophin-3 gene and pretreated with retinoic acid in completely transected spinal cordZhang, W; Yan, Q; Zeng, YS; Zhang, XB; Xiong, Y; Wang, JM; Chen, SJ; Li, Y; Bruce, IC; Wu, W
2006Improvement of functional recovery and axonal regeneration by transplantation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells pretreated with combination of adenoviral vector-mediated NT-3 gene and retinoic acid after completely transected spinal cordZhang, W; Zeng, YS; Zhang, X; Wang, JM; Wu, W
2016 IEJ Volume 49 Issue 2 February (8).pdf.jpg2016Increased proliferation and adhesion properties of human dental pulp stem cells in PLGA scaffolds via simulated microgravityHe, L; Pan, S; Li, Y; Zhang, L; Zhang, W; Yi, H; Song, C; Niu, Y
2010Induction of c-Jun phosphorylation in spinal motoneurons in neonatal and adult rats following axonal injuryYuan, Q; Hu, B; Wu, Y; Chu, TH; Su, H; Zhang, W; So, KF; Lin, Z; Wu, W
1688.pdf.jpgJul-2015International Consensus Guidance Statement on the Management and Treatment of IgG4-Related DiseaseKhosroshahi, A; Wallace, Z S; Crowe, J L; Akamizu, T; Azumi, A; Carruthers, M N; Chari, S T; Della-Torre, E; Frulloni, L; Goto, H; Hart, P A; Kamisawa, T; Kawa, S; Kawano, M; Kim, M H; Kodama, Y; Kubota, K; Lerch, M M; Löhr, M; Masaki, Y; Matsui, S; Mimori, T; Nakamura, S; Nakazawa, T; Ohara, H; Okazaki, K; Ryu, J H; Saeki, T; Schleinitz, N; Shimatsu, A; Shimosegawa, T; Takahashi, H; Takahira, M; Tanaka, A; Topazian, M; Umehara, H; Webster, G J; Witzig, T E; Yamamoto, M; Zhang, W; Chiba, T; Stone, J H
1372.pdf.jpgOct-2015Intraoperative detection of sentinel lymph node metastases in breast carcinoma by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopyTian, P; Zhang, W; Zhao, H; Lei, Y; Cui, L; Zhang, Y; Xu, Z
JHSBR 2017 Volume 42 Issue 3 March (14).pdf.jpg2017JHS ( E )Rodrigues, J N; Zhang, W; Scammell, B E; Davidson, D
2016 JHS Volume 41 Issue 6 July (12).pdf.jpg2016JHS ( E ) diseaseRodrigues, J; Zhang, W; Scammell, B; Russell, P; Chakrabarti, I; Fullilove, S; Davidson, D; Davis, T
JHSBR 2017 Volume 42 Issue 1 January (15).pdf.jpg2017JHS ( E ) Functional outcome and complicationsRodrigues, J N; Zhang, W; Scammell, B E; Chakrabarti, I; Russell, P G; Fullilove, S; Davidson, D; Davis, T R C
2007LINGO-1 antagonist promotes spinal cord remyelination and axonal integrity in MOG-induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitisSo, KF; Wu, EX; Wu, W; Mi, S; Hu, B; Hahm, K; Luo, Y; Yuan, Q; Wong, WM; Wang, L; Su, H; Chu, TH; Guo, J; Zhang, W; Pepinsky, B; Shao, Z; Graff, C; Garber, E; Jung, V; Hui, ESK
2009Lithium enhances the neuronal differentiation of neural progenitor cells in vitro and after transplantation into the avulsed ventral horn of adult rats through the secretion of brain-derived neurotrophic factorSu, H; Zhang, W; Guo, J; Guo, A; Yuan, Q; Wu, W