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2016 BJA Volume 116 Issue 6 June (46).pdf.jpg201623rd Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of AnesthesiologyZhishen, Z; Beibei, D; Guolin, W; Yonghao, Y; Wu, H; Wang, B; Zhang, Y
2017 BJoA Volume 119 Issue 4 October (56).pdf.jpg201724th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of AnesthesiologyLi, X; Yang, J; Zhang, Y
2009Acute atrial arrhythmogenesis in murine hearts following enhanced extracellular Ca2+ entry depends on intracellular Ca2+ storesZhang, Y; Fraser, J A; Schwiening, C; Killeen, M J; Grace, A A; Huang, C L-H
2016 PMB Volume 61 Issue 24 December (29).pdf.jpg2016An adaptive reconstruction algorithm for spectral CT regularized by a reference imageWang, M; Zhang, Y; Liu, R; Guo, S; Yu, H
2013Amyloid pathology in spinal cord of the transgenic Alzheimer's disease mice is correlated to the corticospinal tract pathwayYuan, QJ; Su, HX; Zhang, Y; Chau, WH; Ng, GCT; Song, Y; Huang, J; Wu, W; Lin, ZX
2004Analysis on wear properties and impact factors for Si3N4 ceramic mated with chilled cast ironXiang, Z; Dong, G; Zhang, Y; Lin, B
454.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Association of assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment and parental infertility diagnosis with autism in ART-conceived childrenKissin, D M; Zhang, Y; Boulet, S L; Fountain, C; Bearman, P; Schieve, L; Yeargin-Allsopp, M; Jamieson, D J
2016 NAT Volume 529 Issue 7586 January (33).pdf.jpg2016Brief Communications Arising Control of proteasomal proteolysis by mTORZhang, Y
2016 NAT Volume 529 Issue 7586 January (32).pdf.jpg2016Brief Communications Arising Control of proteasomal proteolysis by mTORZhang, Y
AJNLPCIRP 2018 Volume 315 Issue 3 September (13).pdf.jpg2018Cancer Therapy-Induced Cardiovascular Toxicity Humanin analog enhances the protective effect of dexrazoxane against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicityLue, Yanhe; Gao, Chen; Swerdloff, Ronald; Hoang, James; Avetisyan, Rozeta; Jia, Yue; Rao, Meng; Ren, Shuxun; Atienza, Vince; Yu, Junyi; Zhang, Ye; Chen, Mengping; Song, Yang; Wang, Yibin; Wang, Christina; Ren, S; Atienza, V; Yu, J; Zhang, Y; Chen, M; Song, Y; Wang, Y
2016 IEJ Volume 49 Issue 4 April (9).pdf.jpg2016CASE REPORT Natural reversal of tooth discoloration and pulpal response to testing following removal of a miniscrew implant for orthodontic anchorage : a case reportQin, Y J; Zhang, G D; Zhang, Y; Ping, Y F; Zhao, C Y
412.pdf.jpgMar-2015Clinical therapeutic effects of human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells transplantation in the treatment of end-stage liver diseaseXue, H-L; Zeng, W-Z; Wu, X-L; Jiang, M-D; Zheng, S-M; Zhang, Y; Li, H-Y
2017 BJoA Volume 119 Issue 3 September (21).pdf.jpg2017Coenzyme Q 10 reduces sevoflurane-induced cognitive deficiency in young miceXu, G; Lu, H; Dong, Y; Shapoval, D; Soriano, S G; Liu, X; Zhang, Y; Xie, Z
2016 BJBJS Volume 98B Issue 11 November (14).pdf.jpg2016Comparison of measurements of the glenopolar angle in 3D CT reconstructions of the scapula and 2D plain radiographic viewsSuter, T; Henninger, H B; Zhang, Y; Wylie, J D; Tashjian, R Z
2016 UOG Volume 47 Issue 1 January (18).pdf.jpg2016Detection of fetal copy number variants by non-invasive prenatal testing for common aneuploidiesLi, R; Wan, J; Zhang, Y; Fu, F; Ou, Y; Jing, X; Li, J; Li, D; Liao, C
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 1 January (12).pdf.jpg2016Detection of GB virus C genomic sequence in the cerebrospinal fl uid of a HIV-infected patient in China : a case report and literature reviewLiu, Z; Zhang, Y; Wei, F; Xu, M; Mou, D; Zhang, T; Li, W
20140325.pdf.jpg2015Differentiation of benign and malignant lesions of the tongue by using diffusion-weighted MRI at 3.0 TLi, S; Cheng, J; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z
2014Distinct roles of class I PI3K isoforms in multiple myeloma cell survival and disseminationSahin, I; Moschetta, M; Mishima, Y; Glavey, S V; Tsang, B; Azab, F; Manier, S; Zhang, Y; Maiso, P; Sacco, A; Azab, A K; Roccaro, A M; Ghobrial, I M
1995Distribution of peptide-containing nerves in the cardiac valves of rats of different agesSu, H; Mao, Q; Cheung, ALM; Zhang, Y
2017 NEJM Volume 377 Issue 15 October (5).pdf.jpg2017Ebola RNA Persistence in Semen of Ebola Virus Disease Survivors — Final ReportMarrinan, J E; Gaillard, P; Habib, N; Liu, H; Liu, W; Thorson, A E; Yamba, F; Massaquoi, T A; James, F; Ariyarajah, A; Ross, C; Bernstein, K; Coursier, A; Klena, J; Carino, M; Wurie, A H; Zhang, Y; Dumbuya, M S; Abad, N; Idriss, B; Ongpin, P; Malik, T; Banerjee, A; Erickson, B