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EI 2017 Volume 145 Issue 3 February (1).pdf.jpg2017Aetiological characteristics of adult acute diarrhoea in a general hospital of ShanghaiZhao, X; Ni, B; Wang, Y; Shen, X; Zhang, C; Liu, J; Li, S
2005Cancer gene mutation discovery and detection using array-based resequencingTengs, T; Lee, JC; Paez, JG; Zhao, X; LaFramboise, T; Giannoukos, G; Thomas, RK
2017 JH Volume 67 Issue 2 August (21).pdf.jpg2017Circumventing intratumoral heterogeneity to identify potential therapeutic targets in hepatocellular carcinomaHuang, a; Zhao, X; Yang, X R; Li, F Q; Zhou, X L; Wu, K; Zhang, X; Sun, Q M; Cao, Y; Zhu, H M; Wang, X D; Yang, H M; Wang, J; Tang, Z Y; Hou, Y; Fan, J; Zhou, J
2512.pdf.jpgSep-2015Distribution and antimicrobial resistance of enteric pathogens in Chinese paediatric diarrhoea: a multicentre retrospective study, 2008-2013Zhang, H; Pan, F; Zhao, X; Wang, G; Tu, Y; Fu, S; Wang, J; Pan, J; Song, J; Wang, W; Jin, Z; Xu, H; Ren, Y; Li, Y; Zhong, N
2010.pdf.jpg2015Effects of Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-1 and Nuclear Factor of Kappa B Pathway in Rejection of Cardiac Allograft in RatBai, X; Qi, Z; Song, G; Zhao, X; Zhao, H; Meng, X; Liu, C; Bing, W; Bi, Y
AJNLPRP 2018 Volume 315 Issue 4 October (35).pdf.jpg2018Inflammation and Inflammatory Mediators in Kidney Disease Expression of soluble epoxide hydrolase in renal tubular epithelial cells regulates macrophage infiltration and polarization in IgA nephropathyWang, Qian; Liang, Yan; Qiao, Yingjin; Zhao, Xiangya; Yang, Yi; Yang, Shengnan; Li, Bing; Zhao, Qianru; Dong, Ling; Quan, Songxia; Tian, Rui; Liu, Zhangsuo; Wang, Q; Liang, Y; Qiao, Y; Zhao, X; Yang, Y; Yang, S; Li, B; Dong, L; Quan, S; Tian, R; Expression, Liu Z
2016 EI Volume 144 Issue 12 September (18).pdf.jpg2016Needlestick injuries at a tertiary teaching hospital in SingaporeSeng, M; Sng, G K J; Zhao, X; Venkatachalam, I; Salmon, S
H702.full.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Optical projection tomography permits efficient assessment of infarct volume in the murine heart postmyocardial infarctionZhao, X; Wu, J; Gray, C D; McGregor, K; Rossi, A G; Morrison, H; Jansen, M A; Gray, G A
2016 GO Volume 142 Issue 1 July (30).pdf.jpg2016Placental site trophoblastic tumor : A review of 108 cases and their implications for prognosis and treatmentZhao, J; Lv, W G; Feng, F Z; Wan, X R; Liu, J H; Yi, X F; Qu, P P; Xue, F X; Wu, Y M; Zhao, X; Ren, T; Yang, J J; Xie, X; Xiang, Y
831.pdf.jpgMar-2015Spatio-temporal clustering of hand, foot and mouth disease at the county level in Sichuan province, China, 2008-2013Liu, L; Zhao, X; Yin, F; Lv, Q
2016 ODSOD Volume 41 Issue 6 December (12).pdf.jpg2016Surface Properties and Color Stability of Resin-Infiltrated Enamel LesionsZhao, X; Ren, Y-F
2008Temperature and pH effects on biophysical and morphological properties of self-assembling peptide RADA 16-1EllisBehnke, R; Ye, Z; Zhang, H; Luo, H; Wang, S; Zhou, Q; Du, X; Tang, C; Chen, L; Liu, J; Shi, YK; Zhang, EY; Zhao, X
2010The diversity of nNOS gene expression in avulsion-injured spinal motoneurons among laboratory rodentsWang, J; Yan, L; Zhao, X; Wu, W; Zhou, LH