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2017 PM Volume 83 Issue 9 June (3).pdf.jpg2017Antichlamydial Dimeric Indole Derivatives from Marine Actinomycete Rubrobacter radiotolerans AuthorsLi, Jian Lin; Chen, Dandan; Huang, Lei; Ni, Min; Zhao, Yu; Fan, Huizhou; Bao, Xiaofeng
AJNLPLCMP 2017 Volume 312 Issue 6 June (13).pdf.jpg2017The CFTR trafficking mutation F508del inhibits the constitutive activity of SLC26A9Bertrand, Carol a; Mitra, Shalini; Mishra, Sanjay K; Wang, Xiaohui; Zhao, Yu; Pilewski, Joseph M; Madden, Dean R; Frizzell, Raymond a
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Issue 16 August (11).pdf.jpg2016Clinical Outcomes of Different Surgical StrategyFeng, Fan; Shen, Jianxiong; Zhang, Jianguo; Zhao, Hong; Zhao, Yu; Li, Zheng; Xue, Xuhong; Lin, Youxi; Qiu, Guixing
2017 EuropeanSJ Volume 26 Issue 9 September (25).pdf.jpg2017Comparison of intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring outcomes between cervical and thoracic spine surgeryWang, Shujie; Tian, Yuan; Lin, Xiangquan; Ren, Zhifu; Zhao, Yu
2017 JCED Volume 36 Issue 2 February (15).pdf.jpg2017Corneal Lenticule Allotransplantation After Femtosecond Laser Small Incision Lenticule Extraction in RabbitsZhao, Jing; Shen, Yang; Tian, Mi; Sun, Ling; Zhao, Yu
2018 Chest Volume 153 Issue 4 April (36).pdf.jpg2018Could Aspiration Pepsin Be Used as a Marker of Gastric Re fl ux ?Ren, Jian-jun; Wang, Jing; Zhao, Yu; He, Zhao-ping
2018 Chest Volume 153 Issue 4 April (35).pdf.jpg2018Could Aspiration Pepsin Be Used as a Marker of Gastric Re fl ux ? Not So Fast With the Foley Catheter In Response to Intensive Monitoring of Urine Output in the Critically IllRen, Jian-jun; Wang, Jing; Zhao, Yu; He, Zhao-ping
1434.pdf.jpgJul-2015Dual growing rod treatment in early onset scoliosis: the effect of repeated lengthening surgeries on thoracic growth and dimensionsSun, Zhi-jian; Qiu, Gui-xing; Zhao, Yu; Guo, Shi-gong; Zhang, Jian-guo; Shen, Jian-xiong; Wang, Yi-Peng; Zhao, Hong; Li, Shu-gang
342.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2015Effect of dissolved oxygen concentration on iron efficiency: Removal of three chloroacetic acidsTang, Shun; Wang, Xiao-mao; Mao, Yu-qin; Zhao, Yu; Yang, Hong-wei; Xie, Yuefeng F
2009High-throughput mutational analysis of TOR1A in primary dystoniaXiao, Jianfeng; Bastian, Robert W; Perlmutter, Joel S; Racette, Brad A; Tabbal, Samer D; Karimi, Morvarid; Paniello, Randal C; Blitzer, Andrew; Batish, Sat Dev; Wszolek, Zbigniew K; Uitti, Ryan J; Hedera, Peter; Truong, Daniel D; Frei, Karen P; Pfeiffer, Ronald F; Gong, Suzhen; LeDoux, Mark S; Simon, David K.; Tarsy, Daniel; Zhao, Yu
2016 JMC Volume 59 Issue 19 October (2).pdf.jpg2016Incorporation of Privileged Structures into Bevirimat Can Improve Activity against Wild-Type and Bevirimat-Resistant HIV ‑ 1Zhao, Yu; Gu, Qiong; Morris-natschke, Susan L; Chen, Chin-ho; Lee, Kuo-hsiung
2016 ESJ Volume 25 Issue 10 October (4).pdf.jpg2016Intra-operative MEP monitoring can work well in the patients with neural axis abnormalityWang, Shujie; Zhuang, Qianyu; Zhang, Jianguo; Tian, Ye; Zhao, Hong; Wang, Yipeng; Zhao, Yu; Li, Shugang; Weng, Xisheng; Qiu, Guixing; Shen, Jianxiong
Spinejournal 2017 Volume 17 Issue 6 June (3).pdf.jpg2017Intraoperative motor evoked potential monitoring to patients with preoperative spinal deficits: Judging its feasibility and analyzing the significance of rapid signal lossWang, Shujie; Zhang, Jianguo; Tian, Ye; Shen, Jianxiong; Zhao, Yu; Zhao, Hong; Li, Shugang; Yu, Bin; Weng, Xisheng
290.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Risk factors of proximal junctional angle increase after selective posterior thoracolumbar/lumbar fusion in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisSun, Zhijian; Qiu, Guixing; Zhao, Yu; Guo, Shigong; Wang, Yipeng; Zhang, Jianguo; Shen, Jianxiong
341.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2015TBX6 null variants and a common hypomorphic allele in congenital scoliosisWu, N; Ming, X; Xiao, J; Wu, Z; Chen, X; Shinawi, M; Shen, Y; Yu, G; Liu, J; Xie, H; Gucev, Z S; Liu, S; Yang, N; Al-Kateb, H; Chen, J; Zhang, J; Hauser, N; Zhang, T; Tasic, V; Liu, P; Su, X; Pan, X; Liu, C; Wang, L; Shen, J; Shen, J; Chen, Y; Zhang, T; Zhang, J; Choy, K W; Wang, J; Wang, Q; Li, S; Zhou, W; Guo, J; Wang, Y; Zhang, C; Zhao, Hong; An, Yu; Zhao, Yu; Wang, J; Liu, Z; Zuo, Y; Tian, Y; Weng, X; Sutton, V R; Wang, H; Ming, Y; Kulkarni, S; Zhong, T P; Giampietro, P F; Dunwoodie, S L; Cheung, S W; Zhang, X; Jin, L; Lupski, J R; Qiu, G; Zhang, F
2013The histone demethylase LSD1/KDM1A promotes the DNA damage responseMosammaparast, Nima; Kim, Haeyoung; Laurent, Benoit; Zhao, Yu; Lim, Hui Jun; Majid, Mona C.; Dango, Sebastian; Luo, Yuying; Hempel, Kristina; Sowa, Mathew E.; Gygi, Steven P.; Steen, Hanno; Harper, J. Wade; Yankner, Bruce; Shi, Yang
2017 Nature Volume 551 Issue 7680 November (45).pdf.jpg2017A ubiquitin-dependent signalling axis specific for ALKBH-mediated DNA dealkylation repairBrickner, Joshua R.; Soll, Jennifer M.; Lombardi, Patrick M.; Vågbø, Cathrine B.; Mudge, Miranda C.; Oyeniran, Clement; Rabe, Renana; Jackson, Jessica; Sullender, Meagan E.; Blazosky, Elyse; Byrum, Andrea K.; Zhao, Yu; Corbett, Mark a.; Gécz, Jozef; Field, Michael; Vind