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2012An investigation on p21-activated protein kinase 1 inhibitor, IPA-3, in hepatocellular carcinomaWong, LLY; Lam, IPY; Wong, TYN; Lai, WL; Hung, WY; Zhou, Y; Ching, YP
2012CDK5RAP3 is a novel repressor of p14ARF in hepatocellular carcinoma cellsLai, WL; Li, M; Mak, GWY; Zhou, Y; Ching, YP; Ng, IOL
14.pdf.jpgMar-2015Correlation between gamma index passing rate and clinical dosimetric difference for pre-treatment 2D and 3D volumetric modulated arc therapy dosimetric verificationJin, X; Yan, H; Han, C; Zhou, Y; Yi, J; Xie, C
2018 AJNLLCMP Volume 314 Issue 2 February (9).pdf.jpg2018Cui H, Ge J, Xie N, Banerjee S, Zhou Y, Liu R, Thannickal VJ, Liu G.Pages, L; Cui, L; Ge, J; Xie, N; Banerjee, S; Zhou, Y; Liu, R; Vj, Thannickal; Liu, G
2016 SPINE Volume 41 Supplement B October (3).pdf.jpg2016Direct Repair of Lumbar Pars Interarticularis Defects by Utilizing Intraoperative O-Arm-Based Navigation and Microendoscopic TechniquesMin, J; Wang, J; Zhang, Z F; Zheng, W J; Zhou, Y
2013Direct retino-raphe projection alters serotonergic tone and affective behaviorRen, C; Luan, L; Lau, WM; Huang, X; Yang, J; Zhou, Y; Wu, X; Gao, J; Pickard, GE; So, KF; Pu, M
2018 Nature Volume 557 Issue 7703 May (46).pdf.jpg2018Helium in the eroding atmosphere of an exoplanetSpake, J J; Sing, D K; Evans, T M; Kreidberg, L; Irwin, J; Ehrenreich, D; Williamson, M H; Wyttenbach, A; Wakeford, H R; Zhou, Y; Chubb, K L; Nikolov, N; Goyal, J M; Blumenthal, S; Anderson, D R; Hellier, C; Charbonneau, D; Udry, S; Madhusudhan, N
2009In situ screen-printed BaZr0.1Ce0.7Y0.2O3-δ electrolyte-based protonic ceramic membrane fuel cells with layered SmBaCo2O5+x cathodeLin, B; Dong, Y; Yan, R; Zhang, S; Hu, M; Meng, G; Zhou, Y
2016 BJA Volume 116 Issue 6 June (47).pdf.jpg2016Iso fl urane enhances the malignant potential of glioblastoma stem cells by promoting their viability , mobility in vitro and migratory capacity in vivoZhu, M; Li, M; Zhou, Y; Dangelmajer, S; Kahlert, U D; Xie, R; Xi, Q; Shahveranov, A; Ye, D; Lei, T
2011Multiple pathways were involved in tubeimoside-1-induced cytotoxicity of HeLa cellsChing, YP; Chen, F; Xu, Y; Zhou, Y; Chiu, JF; He, QY
2017 JCCPsychology Volume 85 Issue 10 October (4).pdf.jpg2017Multiple variants in 5q31 . 1 are associated with systemic lupus erythematosus susceptibility and subphenotypes in the Han Chinese populationWen, L L; Zhu, Z W; Yang, C; Liu, L; Zuo, X B; Morris, D L; Dou, J F; Ye, L; Cheng, Y Y; Guo, H M; Huang, H Q; Lin, Y; Zhu, C H; Tang, L L; Chen, M Y; Zhou, Y; Ding, Y T; Zhou, F S; Gao, J P; Tang, X F; Zheng, X D; Wang, W J; Yin, X Y; Tang, H Y; Sun, L D; Yang, S; Zhang, X J; Sheng, Y J; Cui, Y
2010Neuroimmune responses of polysacharides from lycium barbarum (wolfberry) in retina after experimental glaucomaYeung, SC; Lok, CKM; Zhou, Y; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Chiu, K
AJNLPGLP 2018 Volume 315 Issue 5 November (8).pdf.jpg2018Pancreatic Physiology / Pathophysiology Inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum stress by 4-phenylbutyric acid prevents vital organ injury in rat acute pancreatitisHong, Yu-pu; Deng, Wen-hong; Guo, Wen-yi; Shi, Qiao; Zhao, Liang; You, Yun-dong; Mei, Fang-chao; Zhou, Yu; Wang, Chen-yang; Chen, Chen; Yu, Jia; Wang, X Wei-xing; Yp, Hong; Wh, Deng; Wy, Guo; Shi, Q; Zhao, L; Yd, You; Zhou, Y; Cy, Wang; Chen, C; Yu, J; Wx, Wang
275.pdf.jpgMar-2015Protective effect of Berberine pretreatment in hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury of ratSheng, M; Zhou, Y; Yu, W; Weng, Y; Xu, R; Du, H
13.pdf.jpgSep-2015SmartArc-based volumetric modulated arc therapy can improve the middle ear, vestibule and cochlea sparing for locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a dosimetric comparison with step-and-shoot intensity-modulated radiotherapyGao, J; Qian, T-L; Tao, C-Z; Zhang, Y-H; Zhou, Y; Yang, J; He, J; Wang, R; Zhou, P-J
2017 WST Volume 75 Issue 11 June (22).pdf.jpg2017Study on method and mechanism of deep well circulation for the growth control of Microcystis in aquaculture pondCong, H; Sun, F; Wu, J; Zhou, Y; Yan, Q; Ren, a; Xu, H
2012The centrosomal protein Tax1 binding protein 2 is a novel tumour suppressor in hepatocellular carcinoma regulated by cyclin-dependent kinase 2Lai, WL; Hung, WY; Wong, LLY; Zhou, Y; Leong, VYL; Lee, MF; Ng, IOL; Jin, D; Ching, YP
2017 NEJM Volume 377 Issue 10 September (5).pdf.jpg2017Tiotropium in Early-Stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseZhou, Y; Zhong, N; Li, Xiaochen; Chen, S; Zheng, J; Zhao, D; Yao, W; Zhi, R; Wei, L; He, B; Zhang, X; Yang, C; Li, Ying; Li, F; Du, J; Gui, J; Hu, B; Bai, C; Huang, P; Chen, G; Xu, Y; Wang, C; Liang, B; Li, Yinhuan; Hu, G; Tan, H; Ye, X; Ma, X; Chen, Y; Hu, X; Tian, J; Zhu, X; Shi, Z; Du
2009Up-regulation of crystallins is involved in the neuroprotective effect of wolfberry on survival of retinal ganglion cells in rat ocular hypertension modelYeung, SC; Lok, CKM; Chan, OOC; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Chiu, J; Zhou, Y; Chiu, K
2010Up-regulation of crystallins is involved in the neuroprotective effect of wolfberry on survival of retinal ganglion cells in rat ocular hypertension modelZhou, Y; Yeung, SC; Lok, CKM; Chan, OOC; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Chiu, JF; Chiu, K