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2016 JHM Volume 318 November (18).pdf.jpg2016Ag loaded WO 3 nanoplates for efficient photocatalytic degradation of sulfanilamide and their bactericidal effect under visible light irradiationZhu, Wenyu; Liu, Jincheng; Yu, Shuyan; Zhou, Yan; Yan, Xiaoli
2012An RNA Interference Lethality Screen of the Human Druggable Genome to Identify Molecular Vulnerabilities in Epithelial Ovarian CancerSethi, Geetika; Pathak, Harsh B.; Zhang, Hong; Zhou, Yan; Einarson, Margret B.; Vathipadiekal, Vinod; Gunewardena, Sumedha; Birrer, Michael James; Godwin, Andrew K.
2016 WR Volume 105 November (58).pdf.jpg2016Characterization of key organic compounds affecting sludge dewaterability during ultrasonication and acidification treatmentsXiao, Keke; Chen, Yun; Jiang, Xie; Tyagi, Vinay Kumar; Zhou, Yan
107.pdf.jpgJan-2015Combination therapy of prostate cancer with HPMA copolymer conjugates containing PI3K/mTOR inhibitor and docetaxelZhou, Yan; Yang, Jiyuan; Zhang, Rui; Kopeček, Jindřich
2017 MRI Volume 46 Issue 6 December (31).pdf.jpg2017Comparison between types I and II epithelial ovarian cancer using histogram analysis of monoexponential, biexponential, and stretched-exponential diffusion modelsWang, Feng; Wang, Yuxiang; Zhou, Yan; Liu, Congrong; Xie, Lizhi; Zhou, Zhenyu; Liang, Dong; Shen, Yang; Yao, Zhihang; Liu, Jianyu
2017 WaterResearch Volume 122 Issue  October (42).pdf.jpg2017Comparison of different treatment methods for protein solubilisation from waste activated sludgeXiao, Keke; Chen, Yun; Jiang, Xie; Yi, Wan; He, Chao; Yin, Yao; Zhou, Yan
2017 CEJ Volume 330 December (57).pdf.jpg2017Dosing of Ethylenediamine-N,N″-disuccinic acid (EDDS) to improve the bioavailability of Fe2+in the presence of sulfide in a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactorThanh, Pham Minh; Ketheesan, Balachandran; Stuckey, David C.; Zhou, Yan
2018 Anesthesiology Volume 128 Issue 4 April (23).pdf.jpg2018Effect of the BASIC Examination on Knowledge Acquisition during Anesthesiology ResidencyZhou, Yan; Ph, D; Sun, Huaping; Ph, D; Lien, Cynthia A; Keegan, Mark T; Ch, B; Wang, Ting; Ph, D; Harman, Ann E; Ph, D; Warner, David O
Anesthesiology 2017 Volume 126 Issue 6 June (26).pdf.jpg2017Effectiveness of Written and Oral Specialty Certification Examinations to Predict Actions against the Medical Licenses of AnesthesiologistsZhou, Yan; Sun, Huaping; Culley, Deborah J; Young, Aaron; Harman, Ann E; Warner, David O
2017 CEJ Volume 322 Issue  August (59).pdf.jpg2017Effects of thermal-Fe ( II ) activated oxone treatment on sludge dewaterabilityXiao, Keke; Yi, Wan; Chen, Yun; Lu, Dan; Jiang, Xie; Zhou, Yan
2017 CEJ Volume 322 Issue  August (59).pdf.jpg2017Effects of thermal-Fe ( II ) activated oxone treatment on sludge dewaterabilityXiao, Keke; Yi, Wan; Chen, Yun; Lu, Dan; Jiang, Xie; Zhou, Yan
CEJ 2018 Volume 352 November (34).pdf.jpg2018Enhanced anaerobic phenol degradation by conductive materials via EPS and microbial community alterationYan, Wangwang; Sun, Faqian; Liu, Jianbo; Zhou, Yan
2018 WaterResearch Volume 130 March (55).pdf.jpg2018Enhanced sludge solubilization and dewaterability by synergistic effects of nitrite and freezingSun, Faqian; Xiao, Keke; Zhu, Wenyu; Withanage, Nipuna; Zhou, Yan
WR 2017 Volume 112 April (2).pdf.jpg2017Enhanced volatile fatty acids (VFAs) production in a thermophilic fermenter with stepwise pH increase ??? Investigation on dissolved organic matter transformation and microbial community shiftChen, Yun; Jiang, Xie; Xiao, Keke; Shen, Nan; Zeng, Raymond J.; Zhou, Yan
2016 CEJ Volume 297 August (14).pdf.jpg2016Experiment and simulation for separating CO 2 / N 2 by dual-reflux pressure swing adsorption processLi, Dongdong; Zhou, Yan; Shen, Yuanhui; Sun, Weina; Fu, Qiang; Yan, Haiyu; Zhang, Donghui
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (74).pdf.jpg2016Free nitrous acid inhibition on carbon storage microorganisms : Accumulated inhibitory effects and recoverabilityGanda, Lily; Zhou, Yan; Lim, Choon-ping; Liu, Yu; Jern, Wun
2018 JoMM Volume 67 Issue 5 May (5).pdf.jpg2018High-throughput sequencing identification and characterization of potentially adhesion-related small RNAs in Streptococcus mutansZhu, Wenhui; Liu, Shanshan; Liu, Jia; Zhou, Yan; Lin, Huancai
2018 CEJ Volume 341 June (32).pdf.jpg2018In tandem e ff ects of activated carbon and quorum quenching on fouling control and simultaneous removal of pharmaceutical compounds in membrane bioreactorsXiao, Yeyuan; Waheed, Hira; Xiao, Keke; Hashmi, Imran; Zhou, Yan
JMRI 2017 Volume 45 Issue 3 March (13).pdf.jpg2017Measurement in Glioma : Influence of Region-of-Interest Determination Methods on Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Values , Interobserver Variability , Time Efficiency , and Diagnostic AbilityHan, Xu; Suo, Shiteng; Sun, Yawen; Zu, Jinyan; Qu, Jianxun; Zhou, Yan; Chen, Zengai
2016 JMV Volume 88 Issue 9 September (24).pdf.jpg2016MicroRNA Profile Analysis of Host Cells Before and After Wild Human Rotavirus InfectionZhou, Yan; Wu, Jinyuan; Geng, Panpan; Kui, Xiang; Xie, Yuping; Zhang, Lei; Liu, Yaling; Yin, Na