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2018 JoMM Volume 67 Issue 12 December (7).pdf.jpg2018Bone and joint mycobacterial infection: a retrospective review of cases presenting to a UK district hospitalEverden, a.; Mamo, J. P.; Somasunderam, D.; McKee, a.; Brij, S. O.; Enoch, D. a.
2018 JoOEH Volume 15 Issue 11 November (3).pdf.jpg2018Efficiencies and noise levels of portable surgical smoke evacuation systemsSeipp, Hans-martin; Steffens, Thomas; Weigold, Janine; Lahmer, Armin; Maier-hasselmann, Andreas; Herzog, Torsten; Herzog-niescery, Jennifer; Steffens, Thomas; Weigold, Janine; Lahmer, Armin
2018 Sleep Volume 41 Issue 11 November (12).pdf.jpg2018Functional determinants of enhanced and depressed interareal information flow in nonrapid eye movement sleep between neuronal ensembles in rat cortex and hippocampusOlcese, Umberto; Bos, Jeroen J.; Vinck, Martin; Pennartz, Cyriel M.a.
2018 JournalofPeriodontology Volume 89 Issue 12 December (6).pdf.jpg2018Progranulin is highly expressed in patients with chronic periodontitis and protects against experimental periodontitis in ratsLi, Xiao; Zuo, Zhibin; Chen, Qian; Li, Jing; Tang, Wei; Yang, Pishan
2018 Sleep Volume 41 Issue 11 November (9).pdf.jpg2018Reassessing GWAS findings for the shared genetic basis of insomnia and restless legs syndromeEl Gewely, Maryam; Welman, Mélanie; Xiong, Lan; Yin, Sophie; Catoire, Hélène; Rouleau, Guy; Montplaisir, Jacques Y.; Desautels, Alex; Warby, Simon C.
2018 JoOEM Volume 60 Issue 12 December (7).pdf.jpg2018The Relationships between Physical Activity and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors Among Women Participating in a University-Based Worksite Wellness ProgramGottesman, Kimberly; Rawal, Shristi; Parrott, James ScottByham-Gray, Laura D.; Touger-Decker, Riva; Rigassio Radler, Diane
2018 AJoR Volume 211 Issue 6 December (12).pdf.jpg2018Value of Mammography for Women 30 – 39 Years Old Presenting With Breast SymptomsChen, Ying; Chou, Shinn-huey S; Blaschke, Eric M; Specht, Michelle C; Lehman, Constance D; Chen, Y; Shs, Chou; Em, Blaschke; Mc, Specht