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Title: Mosquito investigation for a possible encephalitis case, Wollogorang and Borroloola
Authors: Montgomery, Brian L;Nowland, Ross A
subject: Insects;Mosquitoes;Borroloola;Arboviruses;encephalitis;Surveys;Monitoring;Virology;endemic polyarthritis;Ross River virus infections;Dengue;transmission;risk assessment;Epidemiology;public awareness;Wologorang Station
Year: 5-May-2009
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHCS
Description: On 5 December 1995 the Medical Entomology Branch (MEB) of Territory Health Services (THS) was notified by the Disease Control Centre (THS) of the sudden and unexplained death of a pilot who had been working in the Wollogorang area. The clinical symptoms of the deceased were considered to be consistent with a viral illness. The deceased had previously been ill on several occasions after swimming in Africa. This report is detailed with respect to Aedes larval surveys and adult trapping because this Branch has very limited information on the Wollogorang area and Borroloola is a vulnerable point for the reintroduction of Ae. aegypti into the NT
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Health Protection Division
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